Flick Through Erotic Fiction: ElectraStim With An Audience 

Flick Through Erotic Fiction- littlegem nude reading an erotic fiction book

Discovering the flick function 

A few months ago PurpleSole and I were messing around with the different functions on the ElectraStim AXIS. PS had decided he wanted to have a go receiving the stim for a change, so I was in charge. That is when I discovered the Flick function and got a bit sadistic in its use on PS’s bum. There is a reason we don’t switch After having fun mock spanking him, the flick uses motion sensors to detect when to send the stimulation. PS then decided to wrestle back the control. 

I was soon enough put back in my place and lying face down, nude on the sofa with the ElectraStim pads on my bum. PS then decided it would be fun to get me to read an erotic fiction book whilst using the flick function to spank me at certain points. This is when an idea started to formulate and a plan for play came about. 

The show 

“You are invited!

You are cordially invited to watch littlegem present a reading of Anne Rice’s 4th novel in the Sleeping Beauty series, Beauty’s Kingdom. This piece will be read out while gem is fully naked for the enjoyment of the audience.

Oh and she’ll be plugged into an ElectraStim.”

Using a webcam the ‘audience members’ would watch me whilst I read from the book nude, lying on the sex bench and with the ElectraStim pads on my bum. When PS first messaged his invite to a couple of our friends the idea although intriguing, was quite scary so I just put it out of my mind. Convinced that it wouldn’t go ahead for one reason or another. 

As the day of the event got closer, a million questions were going round in my mind. The only details I had up to that point were what was in the message above and although I would love to be able to accept that and go with it. I needed to know more, to help ease my mind get into the right place. I tentatively asked only the questions I considered the most important, as I know how much planning PS does and didn’t want to ruin anything. Mainly I wanted to discuss with PS my possible reactions to this play and confirm with him how far I was happy to be pushed. 

My little persona ruby tends to come out if I am feeling vulnerable, sometimes she seems to be a way that I communicate that I require extra care. I knew in this situation she was bound to show up at some point and didn’t want this to put PS off. ElectraStim isn’t a type of play that ruby would usually do due to her nature and age. She also doesn’t like getting spanked at all, so as the Flick function is like a electric spank I didn’t want this to be a hindrance. We discussed together possible ways to help me feel at ease and decided putting the webcam on from the very start would be better for me. In case I didn’t feel able to actually go ahead with ‘the show’ I would have time to decide this before I was on the bench and plugged in.

Curtains up

Webcam connection made my heart was racing.

“Daddy, I don’t think this was a very good idea.” He touched my leg and started to reassure me. I knew ruby would come out, just didn’t think it would be right at the start. As talked about previously, he continued to take the show forward, a push was definitely required to get me past my reluctance.

I knelt before PS as directed and he swapped my collars over to my play collar. Then he asked me to remove my clothes. I froze, nope not going to happen, I shook my head and looked up at him pouting.

“You do it Daddy,” My arms went up and PS removed my clothes. The nudity part wasn’t the issue for me, our audience has seen me nude and although not in person, nothing really new. It was more the fact I was being displayed and being put on show. My mind will always revert back to thinking why would anyone want to see me like this and how it feels like I am flaunting myself. But because of these reasons it does press my erotic humiliation buttons.

My body had already started to warm to the idea. I laid face down on the sex bench and got comfortable as PS started to attach the four ElectraStim pads to my bottom. 

Let the Flick commence

“Start to read please,” PS directed. The words came out but my voice sounded different to me. I was trying to make an effort not to sound nervous but I’m not certain it helped. PS flicked the AXIS unit and I felt a tickling across my arse. I felt my face flush as I asked for the stim to be turned up, knowing that I was being watched had a stronger effect on me than I thought it would. They will hear the noises I make, see my body react to the rising electricity.

I continued to read, PS punctuated the occasional word with an electric spank. Not knowing when it would come left me feeling on edge. Each spank jolted my body and made me jump. Then the realisation that each movement I made was seen by others, the groans and gasps heard by more than just PS. My mind began to get hazy, the sparks of electric felt higher than they ever had before. Although they were not, it was only on 24 and I have happily had it at the highest 50 before. The muscles in my arse were clenching tight but as soon the the AXIS was held upright again the current ceased. My body didn’t have time to get used to the sensation before it had stopped again.     

The humiliation and being on display affected me further and I felt as though my mind was treacle. My vision started to get more difficult to focus and my words were becoming an effort to articulate.

“My face was down, hidden, however, and I was very grateful for that. But I peeped from left to right to see what I could, and suddenly saw with a shock a gorgeous noble lady seated at a marble table who smiled at me. 

The shock was too much…

….Again shock.” Paraphrased from Anne Rice, Beauty’s Kingdom.

I stuttered the passage, PS focused on the word shock. He tilted the AXIS slightly to create a building wave of stimulation that suddenly came crashing down on my arse as I spoke the words “shock”. Each time the electricity jolted me my words failed, I gasped. My world shrank down before me and I became his show. He asked me to repeat my failed words, he flicked the AXIS, my arse tensed, ‘Flick’ my voice was becoming quieter, ‘Flick’ my eyes closing of their own accord.    

Review and reflect 

I have been filmed a few times during play and assumed a live show would feel similar. I was completely wrong. Everything felt much more intense than it would have usually, I think the humiliation element of being watched was the reason for the amplification. Also being objectified and displayed for PS and other people’s entertainment added to this. After all, I didn’t have to be completely nude for the ElectraStim, but PS had decided this was how he wanted me. 

Having to be vocal and read the book meant that I couldn’t just close my eyes and put out of my mind what was happening. It was a constant reminder that I was the performance. Although it aided to the affect, it also had it’s negative side. The show ended when I was unable to continue to read the book, which happened a lot sooner than PS anticipated. Often during intense play I will become more silent as subspace starts to take me, so as this was beginning to happen, losing myself and letting go, the play ended.

Perhaps if we get another chance at a similar watched show PS would have to put his thinking cap back on to adjust slightly. All together this play was heady concoction for me. And one that I really enjoyed. As the show progressed I felt my submission deepen and I became his to use as he wanted for the entertainment. My reluctance melted away as I was being won over by his control over me. 


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17 Replies to “Flick Through Erotic Fiction: ElectraStim With An Audience 

  1. There’s fourth novel in the Beauty series!? … I’ve obviously been living under a rock for a few years … lol! (just teasing) …. I am sure the creative duo of P/little gem put on a great show … very brave of you, gem! … nj … xx

    1. There is and if you enjoyed the others I think it’s worth the read, it goes into nice detail and has a happy satisfying ending lol. I’m not sure if it was a great show lol but I enjoyed how it made me feel and react.

  2. I was unaware of a fourth, as well. I’ll have to look into that. It’s been ages since I read them.

    Also, this is completely hot. The humiliation aspect is probably what makes it most enticing to me, because I’m a both terrified of pain (especially electricity) and of being put on public display. So this really hit some buttons for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think it’s worth a read if you enjoyed the previous ones. I picked it up from amazon pretty cheap.

      Thank you I am glad it was a hot read for you, I know its a combination of things a lot of people wouldn’t be interested in lol.

  3. Oh wow! That sounds amazing! We love electroplay (though we don’t do it nearly often enough, sadly) and the ElectraStim Axis is AWESOME.

  4. We don’t switch either I thought he really needed to try it out so he knows how it feels…the flick function is so much fun ?

  5. Wow! Very interesting and amazing how it affected you knowing you were live compared to recorded ahead! Love it!! xx

    1. Yes, I really did think it would feel similar but it just shows you can’t predict your own reaction sometimes in a new situation.

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