Photo Shoot Outdoors: Our last For The Year

Photo Shoot Outdoors: Our last For The Year

One Last Outdoor Photo Shoot for the Year

This week I’ve been getting rather excited. Littlegem and I have found ourselves with a child free 24 hours at the weekend and I intend to make the most of it. This means a photo shoot, the last proper one of the year as summer turns to autumn. Littlegem gets chilly at the best of times so stripping off in the cold isn’t conducive to an enjoyable experience. 

This means I have my thinking cap on, looking at places to go as well as boring things such as opening times and car parking opportunities in remote locations. But I love it. I’ve found myself fizzing in excitement whenever I have a few minutes to myself, where can we go, what can we do. I worry my hyper organisation is negative for littlegem but she doesn’t seem to mind. For the most part she is the model, in the car and driven to the location. Although she has found herself being prop designer and co-driver this time round. It’s got me thinking about how much has changed this year. 

Almost a day of alone time and I haven’t planned to have sex with her, what am I doing? Don’t get me wrong I’m sure we will. I just find myself focused, I haven’t written, I haven’t planned sexy times. Taking photos has become such an enjoyable experience that it almost is a scene in itself. 

Just us Two? 

It’s nice to spend time just us. The kids have come too before, but they are getting to an age where they won’t happily sit in a pushchair while mummy gets naked. They want to get naked too, which causes troubles of its own. 

There have been so many nice comments and I am so grateful for them. Many say how they wish to find places like us. We do have beautiful locations around us and it makes me think about what if it wasn’t just us? We both like the idea of having friends to join us, taking photos together. Littlegem has expressed interested in taking photos too, she has a much better eye for photos than I. Plus I imagine she’d much rather take a photo of women than me. 

Finding people to indulge our adult activities has been on the agenda for a while but there are a few boundaries in the way. Living in a part of the world where online friends, even in the UK are mostly unreachable. Planning anything like this would be around our children since they come first. These are all excuses though, there must be many people around us with similar interests. But we simply don’t know who they are. A lack of social skills means I should probably put an advert out. 

*   *   *

Wanted: People interested in outdoor erotic photo shoot

We are looking for those with an interest in creating photos in the great outdoors. Must be comfortable seeing my wife naked. Are most welcome to join her in her nudity or take photos yourself. Depending on the time of day and location food and drink is provided however facilities cannot be guaranteed. 

No time wasters. 

*   *   *

I would like to take photos of other people. It would really add something if littlegem was in the frame with other(s). I find my head is whirring away with ideas, ones that I need to write down before they disappear never to be thought of again. Group photos are part of this thought process and the possibilities excite me. However littlegem knows me, in a way that others would not. We know each other, the cues. I know when she is feeling uncomfortable and she knows when I’m struggling to take the photo that I envisioned. Sometimes she’ll ask what I want her to do, how to position herself. 

“Erm look sexy..” is all I can muster. I would hate to feel like a disappointment to anyone who’d want to me know what I was actually doing. Even with the encouragement of Molly I still mostly shoot in auto. Although I have challenged myself with some shots that require manual settings. 

By the time this is posted our time will be up. Photos taken, a good rest and a load of memories. As long as it doesn’t rain too much.. 

P.s I didn’t rain luckily and we had an enjoyable time, there was also time for sex too!

If you want to know more about planning an outdoor photo shoot, check this post out.

14 Replies to “Photo Shoot Outdoors: Our last For The Year

  1. I love that taking pictures has opened up a new interest for you. I loved the advert too. Pity we are at opposite ends of the country! I am glad that you stayed dry and had such fun. Your pictures are always special 🙂

  2. It sounds like great fun being involved in group shoots. You are UK, right. General region? **musing on my willingness to nude up for artistic purposes**

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