Piercings and littlegem

Piercings and littlegem navel

Content warning- this post touches on needle play and self piercings.


I love piercings and have done since being a young teen. My first piercing was my ears, which my mother made me wait until I was fourteen until I could get them done. At the time I found this highly unreasonable, all my friends had had their ears pierced for years. What was the big deal. But with age I have grown an understanding of why I was made to wait and glad that I was made to do so. On top of making sure they were properly cleaned, I was small and very late to grow. They would have ended up being wonky for sure. It wasn’t long until I had pestered my mother enough until she let me get my ears done for a second time and then my navel. 

After that I went a bit rogue

For ages I wanted my nose pierced but was told no, repeatedly. I am very stubborn and would keep asking, the way I viewed it was that it was my body and I could have holes in it if I wanted. The answer in the end that I was given was that I wouldn’t want any attention to be drawn to my nose anyway. After that I stopped asking…

But I hadn’t given up getting piercings. Instead of asking permission I took it into my own hands to create my own piercings. No, probably not the smartest idea but I always made sure the needle was sterilised. The other problem was that they couldn’t be visible either, as then my parents would know what I had done. So they were only temporary piercings and to be honest, in the end I realised that it was the act of piercing my skin with the needle that I enjoyed rather than the actual jewellery in it. Several times I pierced my own lip and ears in various places and a few surface piercings. But never put anything in them so they closed up very quickly.

Hidden piercings

When I was eighteen, I decided that I wanted my nipple pierced. A few of my friends had been talking about it so one day whilst in the pub I sort of convinced them all to get it done with me. So off we went, a little bit liquored up, to the nearest piercing studio. I had mine done first then was invited to watch my other two friends getting theirs done. Actually, I really enjoyed the experience, I loved watching both of them getting pierced. And liked my new sparkling nipple. 

The only problem was that I was in a relationship with PurpleSole at the time and hadn’t told him anything about it. He also really isn’t a fan of piercings. I did feel a bit bad that I hadn’t told him, especially as I knew what his reaction would have been. But I wasn’t going to let him stop me. I can’t quite remember how I told him in the end, or if I just let him discover it for himself. My parents on the other hand never knew, even to this day. Just add it to the long list of things I never bothered to tell them. Sadly my nipple piercing didn’t heal properly so I did have to take it out in the end.

What’s the draw with piercings  

For me it is certainly not just the visual jewellery in my skin that I enjoy. It is the act of the needle piercing my skin that I like. This is going to sound silly but I think I have only just realised that. Perhaps my early experiences with piercing myself was another indication that I enjoyed pain and elements of BDSM. Parts of my personality that I have only just began to accept through our D/s. You think I really should have pieced this together a bit earlier, especially as the age I was piercing myself I was also cutting. Both acts were done very methodically and clinically with the act itself bringing hidden pleasure.  

It is certainly not something that I am finished with. The elements of piercings which I enjoy is something PurpleSole and I have discussed doing as needle play. It is not something we have done as of yet, although we do have a starter kit untouched in the kink cupboard. This type of play would be pushing PS’s boundaries possibly more than mine so he needs to be comfortable with doing so. It would be him in control of the needles as I would prefer it this way.

Future piercings

I recently managed to get my navel piercing back in, yay. When getting pregnant with my first child I took it out very early on. I knew about the bendy maternity bars you can get, but I decided that my stomach would look awful so I wouldn’t want the piercing still. And then it was left and pretty much healed up. After having my second child my mindset changed a bit. I think that I had lost part of me along the way of becoming a mother and wanted to get it back. I have posted before about painting my nails again, as something for me and touched on this.

So I started occasionally seeing if I could fit an earring through the hole, still at this point not really thinking about it becoming an actual piercing again. After a few months of messing around with it the hole it did start to open up slightly and I discussed with PS about wanting it as a piercing again. I was surprised how positive about it he was but he wanted to make sure that things were done properly. I researched different sizes of navel bars and found you could buy a thinner gauge bar. It was slightly thicker than an earring but thinner than the standard belly bar. After some coaxing I got it through and within a month it was stretched enough to get the standard bar back in. Although it might not look quite as nice amongst my stretch marks as it once did, I am still happy with it. 

I would really like my nipple pierced once more. Seeing lovely pictures of other peoples nipple piercings (Like this one from Missy of Focused and Filthy) certainly makes me miss mine. Other than PurpleSole not being too keen I would also want to wait until there are definitely no future little ones for us as i’m not sure breastfeeding and a nipple piercing would work?!

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20 Replies to “Piercings and littlegem

  1. I like piercings. But my Queen hasn’t any exotic ones. She has her navel pierced. But nothing else besides her ears. I have offered to be pierced for her. I’m terrified of a PA piercing but would get it if she wanted. She doesn’t want me to do so. Nor does she want me to pierce my nipples. So I guess we’re about as pierced as we’ ever going to be!

    1. I did know someone with a PA piercing but they didn’t keep it in for long, I’m personally not a fan. It’s good that you are both on the same page with it!

  2. i have 5 in my ears and have wanted to but never had the courage to have my nipples done. sometimes i think my nipples are to small for piercings.
    Love your story about your piercings Thanks for sharing

    1. Yeah I can understand that, it is quite an intimate and sensitive area to have pierced. I don’t know if too small would be a problem or not, might even be possible to get it done with a thinner gauge bar?

  3. I have love hate relationship with piercing, I liked my nose piercing but MrH isn’t keen… I like my navel piercing but then I worry about it snagging on clothes… and unless I loose some weight I can’t have it redone .. i am not brave enough to have pierced myself, and I’m intrigued by needle play but I don’t know if it’s something we will try.

    1. I’ve only had my navel piercing catch on clothing once and I was wearing a spiral type ring in it at the time so figured it was that, it didn’t rip or anything though. It was actually your post recently about your navel piercing that encouraged me more to put mine back in! Yeah needles are intriguing, I hope we get there at some point lol.

  4. Love your sharing on piercings!
    I definitely could not see me piercing myself, but it is always so intriguing to see when others share their stories on piercings and needles. I really want a nose and belly piercing. Not sure about the nipples, they are so sensitive as it is so I always cringe at the thought of piercing them. I guess just the initial pain is the main cringe worthy thought. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!! xx

    1. Thank you. I don’t remember it hurting but it was many years ago, it did rub alot on clothing hense it never healed properly. They are pretty quick when piercings are done professionally so minimalises the pain I guess.

  5. Where I absolutely love my piercings and have gone through being pierced many times, I have never attempted to pierce myself, and never will. I just don’t have the guts to do that! I am very sure your belly piercing looks fabulous, and hope you get your nipple pierced again some time 😉

    Rebel xox

  6. I had to wait until I was fourteen to have my ears pierced too. My mum was not strict about anything else – just that. I liked having earrings but no matter how much I looked after them they just kept closing up – I’d re pierce myself but in the end got tired of it. I have skin that heals very quickly so I think that must have been the reason. I gave up and I like piercings on others but not for me. Too much par-lar-va 😉 x

  7. Thanks for sharing your revelations about piercings. My mom was strict about the earrings too, when she found out I got a second hole in each ear in college and they got infected, she told me “It serves you right, you shouldn’t have gotten more than the one!” Oh, fun!

    Thanks for your post.

    1. I guess as a parent I can sort of see why they were so strict, you spend all your energy trying to not let your babies get damaged. But as we all did it anyway clearly a different approach may have been better!

  8. I do t have any piercings but I do like the look of some of them on others and find the thought of intimate piercings quite interesting. I don’t think a nipple piercing would look good on me but I like it on others. I felt bad doe the comment about your nose too. My daughter got one and I am not keen but that was a horrid thing to say and quite untrue ?

    1. I think your nipples would look lovely pierced but I understand if it’s not for you! Thank you missy, but I think it is kind of true lol. I definitely wouldn’t consider a nose piercing now so maybe it was for the best!

  9. So I look back now and realise my love of love bites, angry purple bruises on my neck that I totally got off on where the early signs of my kink for marks and so I can totally relate to a self discovery like that as it is only something I have realised in recent years.

    As for the piercings. I think you would look so pretty with a nipple piercing. Maybe if PS came and watched you enduring the pain that might be a turn on for him


  10. I absolutely agree about pain and sensation forming much of the attraction. I feel that way about piercing, too, and also tattooing. There’s something quite erotic about it. ? Your bellybutton piercing still looks lovely. ?

    1. Aww thanks. Yes tattoos have the same affect with me too, I enjoyed getting the one I have but I feel they are slightly more perminant way to get this kind of pleasure lol.

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