Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect: A butterfly lands on littlegem's arm, near her breasts

It’s very normal for me to tell littlegem to pose in a certain way or in a place of interest. She will then hold position until I tell her to stop. During this photo she felt something on her arm, thinking it was a bee or a wasp she screamed and jolted her arm. What had actually happened was a butterfly had landed on her. This photo is the split moment before that happening. It’s a shame we couldn’t get the shot but there no way of saying ‘Don’t worry that thing on your arm that you can’t see isn’t a stingy bug it’s a butterfly so stay still while I continue taking photos’. 

Butterflu Effect

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36 Replies to “Butterfly Effect

  1. Oh, this is beautiful. What a lovely photo. I don’t blame littlegem for freaking out. If I can feel something on me but can’t see what it is, I go into an hysterical meltdown!

  2. I do have dress envy. I love polka dots and I think the image is brilliant with the butterfly, it really does look like it is sitting Gem’s arm.


  3. Well done for catching the butterfly in your photo. The very same thing happened to me when we were on holiday, I felt really stupid when I realised it was a butterfly!

  4. Your photos are ALWAYS amazing . . . and this is one of the most beautiful of all.
    Wonderfully posed, wonderfully located . . . wonderfully captured.
    Love this so much !!!
    Xxx – K

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