15 Replies to “The Balconette

  1. As in… a balconette for breasts? Is that the name of the style of bra? Either way, lovely brasiere on a lovely lady. You look like an artist’s muse, lg. ❤

    1. Thank you ? Yes it’s the style, it’s tricky coming up with names for photos lol. Especially when we’ve run out of things to say about them.

        1. Lol thanks. If I had more money and more time I would love to try lots of things photography wise, but we’re doing ok with what we have.

  2. Lovely balconette bra – y’know I have a thing for fishnet (in fact am wearing fishnet myself for this week’s LIFE pic).
    Absolutely right, who wouldn’t want to gaze at Little Gem? You have a total babe as a model and you capture her perfectly with your photography. x

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