Spanking: Ritual Reminder

Spanking- Littlegem's bottom with slight bruising from her ritual reminder spanking

Ritual Reminder

I look up at PurpleSole from across the table. He didn’t see did he? It doesn’t matter, I know I am going to tell him anyway.

“I forgot to wait for you to eat first, i’m sorry. It was an accident.”

“I know.” He glanced at me with that look and then as if nothing had happened continued chatting with our children as we ate our evening meal.

One of our rituals is that I am to wait for PS to take his first bite of food before I eat mine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it doesn’t matter. Between you and me eating, you are the latter.” As PS put it so well in his post Ritualistic Rhymes. Which I absolutely loved.

A good spanking

The start of our evening alone. I am kneeling before the sofa waiting for PS.

“Now I think you need a good spanking to reaffirm our rituals. Over my knee now little girl.” He isn’t cross at me, it is a reminder not a punishment. I really enjoy being spanked and it can make me feel very submissive in this position.

Over his knees I feel my pyjama bottoms being pulled down to my ankles. His hand gently caresses my bottom, giving it the odd tap and perhaps a pinch or two. I can feel my skin being warmed up and my body sinks into his.

He must sense that I have relaxed and starts to spank me with his bare hand. Gently at first but it isn’t long until my body starts jolting from the force as he works up a pace. As the blows continue he explains to me the importance of remembering our rituals and how even though he knows it was a small oversight, he still needs to remind me. After each sentence he ends it with a questioning tone, a prompt for my reply.

“Yes Master.” 

My arse is starting to sting from the spanking, I imagine the heat radiating off my skin. Just as I think I can’t take any more he moves onto my thighs. Slapping down the sensitive skin in turn and then back up to my pubis. A soft spank lands against my mound and I groan. Then he resumes back to my arse. Although the intensity has been upped, the skin feels refreshed from the break and I can take more once again.

He continues like this until I can keep still no longer. My arse is wiggling about trying to avoid the inevitable hand that catches it each time. Then he starts a rapid set of blows using both his hands cupped. The stinging turns to thuds and it feels almost like a flogger impacting against my arse.

Spanking over…

My skin feel taut and bruised, but I know only the slightest marks will be left by tomorrow. 

“Get up and Kneel before me. As you were so greedy earlier I think you should get your eager mouth on my cock.”

The spanking has left me needy and subdued. He has made me his and I want to please him, make up for my mistakes earlier. He is right, I have become greedy for him. Desperately I take him, hungry to suck at him until he fills me. 


Masturbation Monday
Well, a two weekly prompt and I manage to miss it… But please check out other peoples on time entries for Tell Me About… Rituals.

18 Replies to “Spanking: Ritual Reminder

    1. Yes I completely agree, PS has started to spank me more regularly and it really helps. I wish I could get marks more easily, I always love seeing them!

  1. I get so disappointed in myself when I realise a moment too late that I have broken protocol. You did so well to listen to his reminder during your spanking. You have better focus than I ?

  2. A spanking is one of the best resets there is … the bum to brain connection seems to work everytime :>)
    … nj … xx

  3. I sometimes wonder if a spaning really is a punishment or a reminder, or more of a treat. I sure know that a spanking almost inevitably leads to sexual arousal for me, so I tend to sometimes even tease a good spanking out of my Master 😛 Lovely post, gem!

    1. Well who says a reminder can’t be a nice thing, it certainly puts me in the right headspace and yes feels great too! And thanks ?

  4. Eek! I hate it when I remember a second too late that I’m not supposed to do something. We’ve used spankings (which I also enjoy) as reminders, too. I still remember the first time I discovered that JB could turn something I love (a spanking) into a punishment. There’s definitely a difference.

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