One of a Kind

One of a Kind

I think most of us had someone we inspired to be like when we were younger. Maybe a poster on the wall or these days a binge of music videos on YouTube. For me as a teenager I wanted to be like Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo.

To save you time googling, Placebo are an alternative rock band from the 90’s, with a focus of sexuality, mental health and drug use.

One of a Kind

Their look was androgynous and their lyrics of teenage angst sat well with me. This meant growing my hair longer and throwing away the shackles of masculinity. If you are a very small child in both height and weight and are looking to fly under the radar of other schoolchildren, growing your hair is a big strategic error. Your sexuality and identity are challenged and I probably didn’t handle it well.

“The back of the class is where I was
Keeping quiet, playing dumb
Can’t you see these skies are breaking?
Cause the back of the class is where I’m from”

From One of a Kind by Placebo

I am one of a kind, what you read into that is up to you. It could mean that you are not like anyone else, an outsider. But it could mean that you offer something else that no-one else can. Over the years I accept my differences as a positive, I would love to go back and tell my former self that. It doesn’t matter who or what you are.

Our D/s lifestyle has allowed me to sink into those thoughts. Now I don’t see myself growing my hair long again, putting purple eye contacts in and wearing neon shoelaces. But for a while I have lived looking plain, not to stand out, not to be recognised. Maybe over time that will change.

Every Me, Every You

Music doesn’t play a role in our sexual activities directly. I find it a personal thing to me. It puts me in the right head space or comforts me when I need it. My role is to look after littlegem, and music helps me look after me when she isn’t around.

“Sucker love is heaven sent
You pucker up our passion’s spent
My heart’s a tart your body’s rent
My body’s broken, yours is spent

Carve your name into my arm
Instead of stressed I lie here charmed
‘Cause there’s nothing else to do
Every me and every you”

From Every Me, Every You by Placebo

Oh and if you’re wondering about the picture, it is a tribute to one of Placebo’s albums, Meds

One of a Kind

I have also used Placebo tracks in the posts for Because I Want You and Pure Morning

September Song Project copyright

28 Replies to “One of a Kind

          1. Lol He thought he looked pretty groovy… while I, a young starry-eyed barista at the time, wondered what his natural colour looked like every time I looked into his eyes as I served him his coffee… ?❤

          2. Yes… it was a nice mystery. I used to bug him all the time, but he would avoid confirming if his eyes were indeed violet or something else. It was a fun little game we played at the start…. ?

          3. And of course I remember the day he came in wearing his glasses… and I saw his real eye colour. My question: why on Earth did you wear them? ??

          4. You really should write this all down and make a book! Throw in a few sexy details and you could make millions. I’ll only ask for 1% commission ?

  1. Well, I for one could certainly go for the neon shoelaces. 😉

    The androgynous look is something I’ve long associated with Bowie. So I think – subconsciously, by default – I also associate specific pieces of his music with the overall aesthetic. (That’s not something I ever really thought about before.)

    Thanks for playing along! 🙂

  2. Not being overly encumbered by height (5’5”) and not getting my last two inches until college I know what you mean about back of the class.

    Music helped me in many ways. I was a band geek and that gave me a tribe.

    Now I’ve learned that we are all unique. And we can find those who share our kinks and geekiness. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you, you have no idea how long it took to get it the way I wanted. Intriguing music group, intriguing person listening to them I guess lol.

  3. Oooh ooooh, Brian Molko! First off, great interpretation of the original picture! I quite like a lot of Placebo songs and in my friends circles in the 90s, there was this weird competition going on between the beautiful androgyneous guys and who is the better singer: Brett Anderson, Ville Valo and Brian Molko. I must admit that I was more in the Ville Valo corner but I admired Brian nevertheless, and a lot of Placebo’s lyrics are fantastic.My all time favourite by them is definitely Meds, the lyrics just speak to me. Great post, PS!

    1. Thank you, Sometimes I struggle to know what picture to put with a post. Strangely I decided to put a photo of myself, which is encouraging for me. Personally I don’t think he’s the best singer in the world (bit nasally bless him) , I just loved the energy and the feel I got from listening to them.

  4. Thoughtful post and I LOVE what you did with the picture! It looks great on its own and seeing the original at the end is wow – you nailed it.

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