Partner Multifun 2 by Satisfyer – Guest Post by Sweetgirl

Partner Multifun 2 by Satisfyer

In our wonderful sex toy goodie box that we received from Satisfyer they had sent two couple toys. The Partner Multifun 2 and 1. As they looked quite similar I thought it would be a good idea to get some outsider help for a review. Sweetgirl was the first person who came to mind for this and we were both really happy that she agreed. Sweetgirl’s was the first blog that I came across when finding out about living in a D/s dynamic. So it was an honour to have her review a sex toy for our site. You can find Sweetgirl on her own website and on twitter.  

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2

When Purplesole and littlegem asked me if I would review a toy that Satisfyer had sent them I was thrilled and jealous.. Thrilled because, well I am a sex toy junkie, there is no other way to describe me. I troll sex toy sites and make a mental list of what I would like MrH to buy and use on me. And, jealous because they had been sent a goodie box. I jumped at their offer.

Littlegem wrapped up the toy and posted it to me. When it arrived, I was so excited, she had wrapped it in gift paper, and it looked so pretty.  On a side note, I feel sorry for their children at Christmas and birthdays, she wraps GOOD! I needed scissors and a grown up to get into it!!!

But, I digress.

I opened the toy and was intrigued by the design. Now MrH and I enjoy sci-fi, one of the programs that we have enjoyed watching is called Stargate, and they had a war in the final series with a race called the Ori.. they had space ships that looked well like this toy.. See what I mean?

Satisfyer Partner Review: Ori,
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Partner Multifun 2 Toy
Partner Multifun 2

Anyway, the strange design aside, how did it work?

About the Partner Multifun 2

It is made a of a smooth silicone, it is soft and flexible. It is fully waterproof and it charges using the magnetic charging cable that all the Satisfyer toys seem to use. The toy is marketed as a couples toy with 14 different ways to use it. It has two different motors and two power buttons; one controls vibrations at the tips and one at the base. It retails at £44.95 and more details can be found on their website here.  

Testing the Waters

Usually I would test toys alone first but following discussions about how I would like MrH to be involved in this discovery play more, we decided that MrH would test this with me. MrH had me lay down and spread my legs wide. He applied a liberal amount of lube, which felt cold. I was also nervous.

Initially he turned on the tip vibrations. He ran the tips down each side of my clit. The vibrations felt nice, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing mind blowing, but nice. He turned it up, and up, finally it was at the right tempo. Moving the tips up and down either side but not touching was strange but good, but not enough. MrH likes to finger me. Well I presume he does, because he does it, and I really do like it. One or two fingers, three, I don’t know, how many he used that day. But he pushed his fingers inside me. Roughly, pumping into me. That pushed me to a satisfying orgasm.  

Having proven the toys effectiveness, MrH decided to see how it worked when using it during penetrative sex (as it shows on the box). Its horse-shoe design means you can place it round the penis with the vibrating body either above or below (on the testicles or not). We decided to test it using a woman on top position, placing the base above MrH’s cock so it would be aligned with my clit.  

In all honesty I didn’t think it worked in this position. I need constant stimulation for these things to get me off so a hit and miss buzz just doesn’t work. MrH flipped me over and re-positioned it to try missionary position penetration. Again, it just didn’t really cut it. Eventually it spun round because the base is heavier, and MrH did not like the vibrations against his balls. In the end he tossed it out of the way. 

I tried it again on my own a few days later. I wanted to try it internally, as well as externally the same as MrH had done. I have to say I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t get anywhere near climax, I didn’t even message MrH asking if I could come, because I knew within a few minutes that it wasn’t going to get me there. Externally it felt nice, but it certainly wouldn’t be my go-to toy for masturbation. Internally it felt awkward to hold and it couldn’t get me off.  

While the design is different and quirky, it just doesn’t quite hit the mark. It won’t be a toy that we use as a couple often. It may be used as a teaser toy, something when MrH wants to tease me, arouse me, but doesn’t have to worry about me getting too close to climax, because without another source of stimulation it just can’t push me over the edge.

Thank you to Purplesole and littlegem for sending me this toy to try, and of course to Satisfyer for their generosity.  

In the interest of transparency we were sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one.

If you are interested in any of our other reviews, including other Satisfyer toys please see our Reviews of Rarity.


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  1. I’ve had a couple of companies contact me recently. One may send me a cage and strap-on to try—I’m excited about that. The other is confusing me as to what they want. I may cease correspondence with them. But it’s cool to be approached!

    1. It’s a sign you’ve made it haha. Yes you do need to be careful if they are asking you to do things or say things you aren’t sure about.

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