Milk Bath

Milk Bath: littlegem in a bath of milk and flowers

Pinterest is wonderful for providing inspiration for photos. Milk bath photos were something I really wanted to try, but was a little afraid it wouldn’t work. Not knowing how much milk we needed for the milk bath we armed ourselves with plenty of bottles of whole milk. The hotel staff must have been very confused to find the bin full of empty milk bottles and a load of decapitated flowers when we left. Turns out you don’t need that much milk and we ended taking some home with us, milkshakes for everybody!

The Milk Bath: littlegem's bottom in a milk bath

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39 Replies to “Milk Bath

    1. She was like cleopatra, I don’t know about especially soft there’s something not quite so go about the smell of milk so it was washed off afterwards.

  1. I have always wanted to do this but assumed you needed it all to be milk but obviously not? Everything about these is perfect. Now all I need is cooper bath tub…. hmmmm


  2. Just brilliant !!!
    You have excelled . . . possibly my fav of all your photos (and THAT is saying something !!!)
    I think the hotel should have these in their marketing brochures.
    Brilliant, beautiful . . . and sexy all at the same time !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Your images are always incredible and you put so much effort into them, as well as having an eye for what will work. Brilliant 🙂

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