Happy in the Outdoors

Happy in the Outdoors- littlegem on all fours wearing zip lingerie

The theme this week for Lingerie is for Everyone is Happy. For me this brings to mind more of what I am doing whilst wearing lingerie. No, not that, naughty.

I am very happy whilst combining the things I like. Having a lovely evening out with my family, being nude or wearing pretty lingerie and acting silly. In this photo I had just finished imitating a not so graceful version of a swan and dancing around with my children. Then while they were occupied PurpleSole took some photos, a few of which we have shared in previous posts. Princess in the Castle and Zips and Self Reflection.

The image brings back these memories and makes me smile. I am very lucky that at this point in time I can enjoy all of the things that make me happy together.

Lingerie is for everyone

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