Pleasure is Mine

Pleasure is Mine: A dildo held in a gloved hand

“I’m going out tonight if that’s ok. “

It’s a Friday afternoon and littlegem has arranged to spend the evening with some of her friends. This leaves me on my own for the evening, a rare occurrence. 

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do” I say, usually if she is going out I know in advance. Planning exciting things to do with my private time. 

“Have a wank” says littlegem bluntly. 

Here’s the thing, I don’t masturbate anymore, not that often anyway. It’s not that I don’t want to its that I shouldn’t have to. In my mind I have a beautiful wife and sub in littlegem, I have all the pleasure holes and commands at my disposal. I shouldn’t need to have extra curricular pleasure time. 

Being truthful my mind tells that I don’t really deserve it. Having time to my self should be used wisely, not wanking away like a chimp. Not that I do spend my time wisely, usually the evening will consist of me sitting on the sofa with a warm drink and blanket. Watching something that requires very little brain power waiting for littlegem to return home, quite frankly I don’t like being alone. I’ll worry and wait until she returns, bounding towards her like a dog to its owner. 

A desire for change 

But tonight is different, the past few weeks have been emotionally challenging. A lot has gone on around us and try as we might our dynamic has suffered because of it. There have been some lows and frankly I need something to lift my mood. So you know what, I do deserve it. 

“I might just do that”, I message confidently. “I may even put something in my butt.” 

This has clearly peaked gem’s interest, as she starts reeling a list of all our anal toys that I could use. I joke that I’m not an anal veteran like she is. 

Later that evening littlegem heads off, I wait for the children to fall asleep, then it’s go time, let’s masturbate! 

Gloves On

Wait, what? 

Going under the stairs into the cupboard where all our sexual paraphernalia is kept I grab a couple of black latex gloves. These are the gloves we use for inspection and I have found them pretty useful. Once you need to clean up, take them off and in the bin. I’d never worn them for self pleasure though, but why not, I’m in that kind of mood. I also grab a butt plug and dildo. 

The butt plug is silicone and designed to sit against the prostate. Lubing it up I am able to gently slide it in, remembering how cold it feels when it first goes in. I become harder and the sensations more intense as I stroke the shaft of my cock. 

Taking my time to enjoy myself I think to myself I can go bigger. The butt plug is replaced with the dildo that requires a bit more working up to. But it feels good, one hand on my cock gently rubbing, the other pushing the dildo inside of me.

I just happen to have a computer nearby and look for some visual stimulus. Having found appropriate watching I can feel myself relax into more. A sexual pressure building. I ride a wave of pleasure as long as I can last before climaxing, the dildo buried deep inside.

The aftermath

In times past I would feel shame maybe guilt after masturbating. Its difficult to describe, a wash of reality kicks in. The naughty thoughts of before replaced with a realisation of the situation.  This time is different, I did this because I wanted to. I enjoyed myself on my own terms because I deserved this. A quick clean up and I’m back on the sofa, hot beverage, blanket, but with more positive and a sense of fulfilment.

A message from littlegem suggests she could be home quite late. I make my way up to bed, I wouldn’t normally go to bed alone but it’s getting late and I’m struggling to keep my eyes open. 

Littlegem Comes Home

At around 2.30am (maybe I should have set a curfew) I hear littlegem walking up the stairs, she goes to the bathroom and makes her way into the bedroom, getting straight into bed. In doing so she has broken a ritual by not kneeling, but I’m glad to see her home. Pressing our faces together we nuzzle, then kiss passionately all with next to nothing being said.

I can smell her as our faces rub against each other. She smells different, like her friends house and alcohol. At this point I feel the desire to make her mine again, to make her smell of home and of me. Placing my hand on her chest I push her onto her back and firmly climb on top. I am tired and a little confused having just woke up, but I am horny. She is to be claimed, my now hardened cock easily slipping inside of her. She gasps, very little has been said still, it hasn’t needed to be. She submits to my firm thrusting as our bodies become one. She is pinned down, my hands wrapped around her wrists and I take what is mine.

I can feel the pleasure inside me, I have plunged my metaphorical flag pole inside of her but this is it, my final affirmation that she is mine. In the heat of the moment I say to her “who’s are you?”, typically reserved for leaving the house.

“I am yours”, her words tip me over the edge, orgasming deep inside of her.

Chaining her up with my cum still inside her, the final act of my dominance. I lay beside her, our bodies entwined.

“So did you have a good evening?”

Masturbation Monday

27 Replies to “Pleasure is Mine

  1. I enjoyed this PS. I laughed a lot about the expression “wanking” away like a chimp”. I am glad that you felt you deserved it in the end and that you had such a good time. Claiming gem was hot too ?

  2. This was hot PS – loved that u reclaimed Gem on her return.
    Wanking is an open topic in my home – it is not taboo and shouln’t be – thou i know for some it is a guilty secret x

    1. Thanks, it was a nice moment. Its not necessarily that it is taboo, maybe I just need more positive experiences. It certainly wasn’t an open topic growing up.

  3. Oh gosh this is hot. I love the (somewhat rare it seems) story of a man getting himself off creatively and this was also interesting paired with your introspection…. and of course the end is just beautiful. ?

  4. Holy freakin’ hell this was hot! Like you, Bakji doesn’t masturbate loads these days, but when he does I love to hear all about it. I ask lots of questions and like to get a visual of what he’s done clear in my mind! So tales like this are a joy for me. Then you just put the cherry on top with your reclaiming of littlegem, so, so, so sexy!! x

    1. Haha, you sound a lot like littlegem, she wants to know every detail if I was to mention that I did something to myself. Thank you for your very kind comment, put a real smile on my face.

  5. This was lovely to read, and I am so glad you decided to masturbate…and recognized the power of the decision to masturbate.

    JB and I don’t do so well when we’re apart like that either. He went away overnight with friends, and we were sappy fucks when he got back, lol.

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