Tree Trunk Terror

The Terror in the Tree Trunk, littlegem on a fallen tree

“Is this too much?” 

I’ve sent a friend this picture, unsure about it.

“Because obviously I have edited the bollocks off it.”

I have, but I kind of like it. In my mind this could be a scene in a film. The young, innocent and seemingly naked woman outside relaxing on a fallen tree trunk. Meanwhile, unsuspecting to her there is someone or something watching, lurking in the darkness waiting for its moment…

Of cause the reality is that we saw a fallen tree with a seat carved into the trunk. Naturally it seemed like a good opportunity for a photo, with the size of it blocking the view if anyone was to pass by. Luckily nobody seemed to be around. 

The Terror in the Tree Trunk, littlegem lying on a fallen tree

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35 Replies to “Tree Trunk Terror

  1. Both are fab edits – I am wondering how you find time to do such luscious photography sessions? Do you take loads over a day out or are they separate sessions? x

    1. Thank you, we have very little child free time so any time without them it’s meticulously planned by me for for maximum photo opportunities. The weekend we took this photo we took 500 in total. Maybe I should do a post on my planning process.

      1. oh yes! I think many may find that interesting – I certainly would – I am a reluctant model and my man often tries to set up sessions and I come up with an excuse – so I need help!

  2. Both are gorgeous but I do like the magical feel of the edited one. Brilliant as usual. And I think a post would be good ?

  3. You seem to find so many cool places for images. And edit wise I actually think I like the 1st one. It is very dramatic and totally grabs my attention where the other one is a little flat in comparison


    1. I’m glad you said that, that was my issue when looking through these photos before editing, none of them ‘popped’. Thanks Molly

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