Men Vibration and Pro 3 Vibration Satisfyer: Wank in the Bath for Two

Men Vibration and Pro 3 Satisfyer toys

Satisfyer Men Vibration and Pro 3 Vibration 

Having been fortunate enough to receive some sex toys from Satisyfer we felt it best to give a review in our own style. The toys look luxurious so we felt it fitting to take them to a nice hotel with us for a bit of fun research. Two toys, one for him Satisfyer Men Vibration, one for her Pro 3 Vibration. All whilst lying in a large copper bath together. Pleasuring ourselves together sounded like a hot way to put in that vital research that is sex toy testing. 

In order to add a bit more fun we had a packet of Slube, a present from Eroticon, to add to the bath. Two slippery bodies in a warm bath together, the toys being waterproof meant this was a good test for that too.

Men Vibration ‘Like A Blowjob – Just Better!’

Now, there’s a claim.

That is the message that draws the eye when you first see the packaging for the Satisfyer Men Vibration. As sceptical as I am about this declaration I am eager to try for myself. Typically I’m not a fan of male toys, especially ones that vibrate. 


Men Vibration toy and box

But with the bath now full, complete with Slube we are ready to go. The lubrication being essential for using a toy like this, water based of course as the toy itself has silicone elements. 

The design itself is non anatomical, looking more like a space ship than a sex toy. Its black colour also adds to the feeling that this is a masculine toy. It was somewhat charged when it arrived so it’s ready to go out of the box but I made sure to charge it fully before we left.

Diving in

The slipperiness feels good, the tip of my cock slides into the toy that is now fully immersed in the water. The buttons at the top are easily found and the vibrations begin to hit. They are in the right place, just below the head on the underside of my penis. This vibrations can be powerful enough to be felt along the entire length of my cock. It also is a lot of vibration for my hand as I hold it in place. 

Having tried this toy a few times before this scene I have found a pivoting action to be more beneficial than a thrusting one. This is partially because the depth of the internal cavity is about 2 6/8 inch, therefore a deep-throating action cannot be simulated. Regardless the vibrations are more than enough to be able to bring me to climax. There can be a feeling of numbness if you overuse the toy so that part really depends on your preference to vibration on penis toys. 

So yes it feels good, it can make me orgasm. But is it as good as a blowjob, no. It’s a little unfair as I have a submissive wife who has ‘oral training’ as part of our duties. She also has other delightful orifices so i’m in a privileged position. Without her I could see this as part of my masturbation programme. 

I decide this time not to orgasm, to play with it a little longer and watch littlegem play with her toy.

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration

I have been fortunate enough to play with a few of the Satisfyer air pulse toys, I have reviewed the Pro 2 Vibration already if you would like to check it out. They are all slightly different shapes so it is interesting to see how that relates to comfort whilst playing.

This was the first time we had used the air pulse toys in water, I was really excited to see how the sensation would differ. I did have to double check that it was definitely water proof at a submersible level, looking at the toy it seems like it wouldn’t be. Happily it all checked out.

Men Vibration Slube Bath

The warm water covered my body, the Slube adding a lovely silky thickness to the water and a soft slide to my skin. I turned the Pro 3 Vibration on, just using the air pulse setting (the vibrations can be used separately or together with the air pulse). I clicked it up a few levels testing it on my thigh to get a soft pull. Wow, sliding it over my clit immediately awakened me. The pulse amplified by the water, the head of the Pro 3 Vibration engulfed my clit. The whole combination felt similar to a warm mouth on my skin. The air pulse almost like a tongue flicking at my hard clit.

Quick to come to conclusion

Clicking the toy up I have to start to edge myself. The amalgamation of the waters warm embrace, air pulse lapping at my clit and PurpleSole playing with himself in front of me was too much stimulation. I could feel an orgasm ready to bubble to the surface.

Sensing that I was near the edge PurpleSole started my orgasm countdown. He had been playing with the Satisfyer Men Vibration the whole time and I knew that he wanted to relieve his pent up pleasure inside of me. I was eager for him too, the Slube was turning out to be a surprisingly fun addition to the bath. It’s silkiness making my skin more sensitive to touch, I certainly wanted to see how more delicate areas would feel. 

Final thoughts    

The Satisfyer Men Vibration is able to provide me with a thoroughly enjoyable orgasm. For me the motors are more powerful than I need, it may take a few tries to find a setting and a technique that works best for you. Since this is a toy you put your penis inside there is an inevitable clean up post ejaculation. However, being waterproof cleaning is easily done. 

The Pro 3 Vibration is extremely capable of giving me a fantastic orgasm. Time after time it delivers. What I like about the air pulse technology is that for me it doesn’t just deliver an okay orgasm, even in fairly quick time it gives one of those toes curling amazing orgasms that leaves you panting for breath.

The sleek ‘ergonomic design’ fits the hand well and the silicone is lovely and soft to the touch. I like the shape of the Pro 3 more for solo play as the head is in a good position when held in front of you. The head part is also very soft, compared to the slightly harder of the Pro 2. I think this gives a more comfortable fit against your clit, especially as it doesn’t have to be in direct contact to give stimulation. 


In the interest of transparency we were sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one.

6 Replies to “Men Vibration and Pro 3 Vibration Satisfyer: Wank in the Bath for Two

  1. Great reviews! I would love to be able to try my Pro 3 in a bath, but my tub (or what is laughingly meant to be a tub) is too puny and uncomfortable. I need to follow your leads and book into a nice hotel suite with a roomy tub!

    1. Aww that’s a shame, it certainly was fun the way the water made the ripples of the air pulse travel. Are you reviewing the pro 3?

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