Ritualistic Rhymes

Ritualistic Rhymes

The alarm will ring, day has dawn, 

Let light in, the curtains drawn. 

Warm, comforting, this bed we cannot stay, 

Removing your chain so we can start the day. 


Breakfast, lunch, dinner it doesn’t matter, 

Between you and me eating, you are the latter, 

And if you take that sneaky bite, 

Punishment is on the menu that night. 


I’ve nothing to wear, I hear in your voice, 

But not to worry, as I’ve made the choice.

You may look at me, you may disagree, 

The underwear you put on is up to me. 


It’s almost time for another working day, 

Before I head off I will always say, 

“who’s are you?” as I head outdoors, 

You smile and reply, “I am yours”. 


But it’s a long day, I know you’ll miss me, 

I don’t you want to feel all at sea. 

I’ll message you at lunchtime, is everyone okay? 

If it’s not, you know I’m not far away. 


Getting into the car, I am the driver, you the passenger, 

Buckling you in, you are the princess, I the fastener. 

And when our journey is complete, 

The process reversed I do repeat. 


Putting children to sleep, we go downstairs, 

But before you sit on any of the chairs. 

You kneel on the carpet and wait for me, 

A hand on the chin, a kiss, you’re free. 


When we play, you are mine to enjoy,

To tease and torment, my sexual toy. 

Bring you to the edge, a climax would be fun, 

But only when I’ve counted you down from 10 to 1.


And as you kneel on the bedroom floor, 

Waiting for me to come through the door, 

To your leg I tie a chain, 

To remind you that you’re mine again. 


Now all these rituals may seem tender, 

So long as I don’t forget, remember. 

To others it may seem a little strange, 

But it’s all about maintaining our power exchange. 


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16 Replies to “Ritualistic Rhymes

  1. There’s something quite sweet about this poem. I found this part particularly nice: “you are the princess, I the Fastener” 🙂

  2. What a powerful poem and what a lovely way to describe your D/s rituals. The rhythm of the words seems to shape the rituals themselves.
    I loved these lines:
    And when our journey is complete,

    The process reversed I do repeat.

    Thank you!

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