Luxury High Fashion- Guest Review by Submissy

Luxury High Fashion- Satisfyer vibe in the box

Satisfyer recently sent us some beautiful air pulse vibrators and after seeing how amazingly opulent the Luxury High Fashion looked I had just one person in mind who I thought be fitting to give it a try, the wonderful submissy. We first came across missy on her online D/s munch. Missy and her husband His Lordship host an extremely helpful and informative site for D/s couples to talk and discuss topics. We have also both been avid readers of missy’s blog since the the start of our D/s, enjoying how she writes in such an eloquent and descriptive manner. If you haven’t already, I urge you to check out Submissy and The SafeworD/s Club.


I was sent the SATISFYER LUXURY HIGH FASHION by Purple Sole and Little Gem who asked me to have a play with it, and then write a review for their site. I don’t write many reviews, so I tend to be quite selective, but I love PS and Gem AND I have wanted to try out one of the sucky clitoral type vibrators for quite a while, so it was a quick yes please, I would love to. I had to wait a few days for it arrive but when it did, I found that I wanted to try it out straight away. What happened about that is another story, and another post, however. Anyway, I felt quite excited when it came and I took a few quick pictures of it in the lovely packaging, before wasting no time in heading off to try it out.

Just to give some background, I don’t masturbate very much these days. I am in a power-exchange dynamic where my orgasms are not my own to control, although, that being said, I am lucky enough to be given quite a lot of them. I also feel that as a woman approaching my fifties, I know what I like. This goes for makeup products as well as clothes, and, I suppose, orgasms. Although I enjoy penetration, I will usually come from clitoral stimulation rather than SIV (something in vagina). What I have also found as I have got older, is that I actually require something quite intense to really hit he spot.

We use a wand regularly; perhaps that has spoiled me or raised my tolerance, I don’t really know, but I find it hard to orgasm from many of the vibrating toys on the market which seem to work so well for others. I had heard great things about the suction toys though and, not wanting to be left out of the party, was keen to see if it would work for me. I have to say, I was not disappointed. I have no comparison with other similar toys, but the Luxury High Fashion did it for me. Again, and again, and again.

Luxury High Fashion views

SATISFYER’S marketing claims that “The finest materials deliver extravagant highlights” and the LUXURY HIGH FASHION certainly looked good on first appearance. Always one to enjoy high fashion, I would like to think that I can tell quality when I see it, and the brushed aluminium, the sleek shape and even the black velvet storage bag which came with the HIGH FASHION, made me feel like this was a good piece of kit. It felt nice in my hand, and was a good size, weight and shape. I am not sure that I agree with the claim that “its appearance alone could bring you to orgasmic ecstasy,” but there is always the chance I guess. So, off to my bedroom I went.

One of the issues I have with many of the toys I have tried is the noise level. I have a family of teens who keep odd hours, so even when trying out the HIGH FASHION during the day, there were several sets of ears close by. SATISFYER’S promise of a whisper mode gave me confidence that the noise would not be an issue, and I am happy to say that even on the highest setting, although it was more than a whisper, I didn’t draw any unwanted attention. It does get louder when removed from the skin, but the design of the silicone head which fits around your pleasure bead, meant that noise was definitely kept to a minimum which is great for me.

Although the HIGH FASHION comes with a small magnetic charging cable, it did have some charge already so I was able to get straight into the nuts and bolts of finding out how it worked. There are two different controls, one for the pressure wave stimulation (vibrations) and one for the contactless clitoral stimulation (sucky thing); these are easy to operate, even mid play, and they can be used either independently or at the same time. There are 11 different intensity settings so although I always prefer a straight buzz, if you like things more varied, there would likely be something to hit your spot.

The vibration was good, but not enough on its own to do much more than warm me up. This is what I had expected as I am used to the force behind a wand. That being said, it could be used easily to tease and prepare me for the part I was really interested in: the non-contact Airpulse stimulation that would steer me into the fast lane.  So, pressing the toy to my clit, I switched it on and prepared to pull out of the layby. The sensation was intriguing. It felt like something was flapping in the vicinity. I liked it. I turned it up. More flapping with something a little deeper, almost like a press. I was enjoying the experience and started the vibration, so that the two could work together. Still not quite in the fast lane, I was definitely gathering speed. As I increased the volume again, the flapping, pressing feeling seemed to be joined with a pulling and I was really on the move. The final setting added in a sort of drumming sensation and I felt myself hurtling towards an orgasm.

So there is was. In lightening speed time I had reached my orgasm, as promised. It is difficult to explain the sensation and I am not sure whether my flapping, pressing, pulling, drumming does justice to the way it really feels. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before and it left me wanting to feel it again. For those of you familiar with this sort of stimulation, and I do know that I am late to that party, knowing that In supple and elegant fashion, the ring of ultra-soft, medical grade liquid silicone surrounds your pleasure bead and caresses it with the usual breathtaking Satisfyer pressure-wave stimulation,” might be more of a selling point than the way that I have described.

I have tested toys before which, while I thought they were good, haven’t really made it to become a go to as it were. I think that the HIGH FASHION will be different and the funky luxury version of this sophisticated pressure-wave vibrator really could be the perfect companion for my clitoral stimulation adventures. In fact, I used it again later that day, and then again in the evening with my husband, and again each day since. I could say that this was in the endeavour of a well-rounded review, but it was also because it genuinely does give me the sort of hit that I enjoy. We have used it in various ways, including during sex from behind, where the HIGH FASHION sat snugly against me, bring us to climax in splendid unison.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion spec

I noticed that toy is waterproof which makes it easy to keep clean, and also means that there may be further fun during bath time and in the hot tub, making it pretty versatile for us. So would I buy one? The SATISFYER LUXURY HIGH FASHION retails at £133.96 which does seem quite a lot, but for the pleasure I got, the fact that it is quiet enough to use whenever the fancy takes, and the versatility offered by the different ways it can be used, mean that I do think it is worth it. I am not sure of the difference between this and some of the other SATISFYER models so there may be something offering the same for less, but having tried, I would definitely buy.

To conclude then, in my humble opinion, the HIGH FASHION would be good for someone who likes clit stimulation, who likes quite a lot of intensity, and who doesn’t mind paying a little extra for something really nice.

I was offered the SATISFYER LUXURY HIGH FASHION by PS and gem in exchange for an honest review of the toy. If you would like to read any of the other reviews I have done, or read more from me, then please find my at my own site, submissy, or at The SafeworD/s Club, the site which I co-own with my husband and Dominant.

In the interest of transparency we were sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one.

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