The Arch in the Orchard

The Arch in the Orchard: Littlegem under an apple arch

We love to explore quiet areas of nature. So when we found this orchard we thought it would be a great place to take some photos. It was tucked away in the corner, away from a large wood and gardens. There was enough time to do topless and nude pictures without anyone disturbing us. Strangely my favourite wasn’t a nude at all, it was littlegem being playful in her new dress, showing off a bit of bum. 

However, I do like this image too.

The Arch in the Orchard: littlegem topless holding an apple

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44 Replies to “The Arch in the Orchard

  1. So nice of you to share two pics!! Got to admit that little bit of bum in that sexy dress is my fave too!! I love dresses—particularly when he body underneath has no underclothes.

  2. I agree. That dress is great, beautiful. I love the playful first photo. It’s a great composition and use if color too!

  3. I LOVE Polka Dots. Where did you get that fabulous dress?

    And what a great location for pictures, the cheeky bottom flash works perfectly in that setting too


    1. It was from next, home to pretty much all my clothing lol. I’m glad I encouraged her to buy it, she’s normally very tentative about buying clothes thinking they won’t look good.

  4. The first image is stunning in terms of the colour, setting and then gems cheeky bottom but I also like the second one where her head is turned and she holds the apple which is a nice touch. ?

    1. Don’t forget the breasts, yes we were looking for a loose non rotting apple on the floor for a picture. Later we realised we had one in our lunch bag.

  5. I always adore your outdoor shots and have some serious freedom envy each time! This is stunning in its contrasting colours and composition, just perfect!

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