Flouting at Bedtime

Flouting at Bedtime

In my very limited knowledge of being a Dom I have a theory:

There are submissives that want to submit and there are submissives that want to be made to submit. 

Littlegem is the latter. 

Recently I have decided that we need more time to sleep. It is important after all, a bad night can be felt for a long time the following day. But a great night can feel like you’ve drunk a magic energy elixir. 

With that in mind bedtime in our house is now 10pm, on the dot, no exceptions. Apart from its not. Telling littlegem that it is time to go to bed seems to be a red rag to a bull in terms of acting up. 

I Don’t Want To

She is a crafty bugger sometimes. She will make excuses like ‘I’m almost done’, ‘I’m not tired’ or will simply run off into the garden. Luckily that time ended in me pinning her down on the lawn and fucking her into submission. When she is in full Ruby mood a sharp spanking or tickling will correct her (gem likes spanking, ruby does not). Winning her over with dominance doesn’t always work, especially when it feels like she is going to have a tantrum about it.

If it’s a quiet night we may just cuddle on the sofa, laying down horizontally with me holding her. It’s warm, intimate and comfortable. Which is a good reason why gem will occasionally turn over, rest her head on my chest and promptly fall asleep. This allows me time to myself so I can catch up on watching things that gem finds boring. Eventually though I have to get her up, we can’t sleep on the sofa all night, not if I don’t want a dodgy back in the morning. 

Come on, it’s Bedtime

In this scenario I’ve usually left it until 11pm, littlegem is in a deep sleep. I don’t want to frighten her so I will massage her gently until she stirs. She’ll look up at me, groan, then close her eyes again. She may be confused at what is going on. But we’ll get there, make it upstairs with everything we need. Our teeth will be brushed and she will kneel at the foot of the bed awaiting invitation to enter. 

There have been times she has rested her head on the bed and fallen asleep while kneeling. 

Invited in she is chained up and I join her, sleeping can commence. 

“Daddy, I’m not tired. ” 

I could roll my eyes at this point and it’s not like it happens every night. There is simply more comfort to be found in a well establish place like the sofa than getting into a cold bed. She wants to defy me and I have to deal with it. Either by understanding her needs, a cuddle, a chat or an impromptu story. Sometimes you just need a good orgasm before bed, to use up that last bit of energy, retiring with a warm glow of satisfaction. Not that I mind, this is beneficial to me as well as her. Although all this activity has meant our 10pm bedtime has long gone. 

It doesn’t seem long enough before it’s time to get up again, the morning sun breaking through the window. The last moment before the day crashes into life. 

I don’t believe littlegem wants to be a bratty sub. We have spoken about how she actively challenges my decisions, because they are done so with her well being in mind. Distractions and drops in my dominant feelings haven’t helped of recent times. But at some point, I don’t know when, we will go to bed on time. 

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13 Replies to “Flouting at Bedtime

  1. I just love reading about your dynamic, and (don’t tell Littlegem though) I love that she sometimes has this little brat in her. It’s cute. Sorry, I know this is not what you want to hear 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Eek! Siding with Rebel, ruby is reminiscent for me ?, sorry PS! Pet loves to tell me when my princess is showing (usually at bedtime). I just say she helps me be a better Domme. ?

  3. Sorry PS… but I kinda love that lg is a brat. That is precisely the kind of sub I would be (might actually be…?) … made to submit…. I would need one hell of a heavy hand to tame my wild ass… lol. I have yet to meet my match in my partner….

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