Run: The Petulant Sub

Run- littlegem lying in the grass at night nude

“You have 5 seconds, run…” 

Usually I wouldn’t recommend that you drink and kink. But sometimes our own rules get a bit blurred when we are caught up in the moment. This was one of those times. 

We had just finished chatting on The SWC and it was already a bit past my bedtime. The day had been somewhat stressful so we had drunk a few drinks whilst chatting. I had also got a little bit creative with the drinks I was mixing. 

“It’s bedtime now.” Sometimes when being told to go to bed the ruby part of me comes out. I become stubborn, petulant even and want to resist. Besides, I wasn’t in a sleeping mood. My first tactical approach was to distract PS and try to engage him in conversation. It worked for a little while but soon he circled back round. 

“Right, upstairs now.” I looked up at him from where I was sprawled on the sofa, I fluttered my eyelashes and a cheeky grin spread across my face. 


He repeats his question once more, his voice more stern now. 

I push back, knowing that I hadn’t crossed the line just yet. This is a familiar dance for us but I am on the edge of the line of what is acceptable. 

“Do you want me to give you a spanking again.” His tone is threatening.

“Yes,” I replied giggling and rolled off the sofa. 

“Bend over.”

I enjoy being spanked and in this mood it would have correct my behaviour once the spanks started to sting. But I wasn’t about to make this easy for him. “No. You will have to catch me first.” Giggling at the last words, I got up and ran into the kitchen. Hiding, I peek around the corner to see if he is following me. Not knowing if I had pushed too far, my aim wasn’t to annoy him. I was just feeling naughty. 

He started to follow, not in a hurry. Just purposeful made his way to where I was hiding. I hadn’t really thought through my next move, all I knew was that I didn’t want to go to bed. As PS got closer I ran to the back door and stepped outside, the air was refreshing and cool after a hot day. The evening rain had cleared the muggy climate. Giggling some more I hid behind the garden table and waited. By this time PS had come up with a plan, he didn’t want to play my game. I saw him walk back into the living room and lock the patio doors. Still I waited outside, curious to what was going to happen next. 

Through the misted glass of the back door I saw PS’s figure. The handle moved and I heard a click. He had locked it, there was no way back inside. At this point I removed my pyjama top, exposing myself to the open air. I was in no mood to go banging on the door, I didn’t want to go inside. I danced around the patio, enjoying the breeze on my skin. 

The door clicked once more and PS appeared on the patio, crop in hand. I smiled to myself as he walked up to me and slipped my bottoms off. The crop caught the fleshy cheek of my arse. I giggled and pressed myself against him. The crop cracked once more against my skin. As I sighed in his ear, I felt a familiar bulge through his jeans. The heat of him radiating through the fabric. 

“You have 5 seconds, run.”

His words elicited no immediate reaction in my legs, I was being that contrary. Our garden isn’t large either, there wasn’t really anywhere for me to run to. But my heart was pounding, thrilled by his words.

“You have 3 seconds, I would run if I were you.” His voice calm but stern. The echo of his authority, his Dom voice penetrated me.

With that my legs were compelled into action and I fled his immediate vicinity. I ran up the cold slab steps and made it to the lawn, just. He was right behind me, his hand caught my wrist. Dragged me towards his body and threw me onto the ground. My back tickling from the wet grass beneath me. I gazed up at him through the dark night sky as he yanked down his jeans. His body suddenly pressed against mine as he thrust his hot hard cock inside me. My body complied to his wishes. I became his submissive one more.   


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30 Replies to “Run: The Petulant Sub

  1. Must be nice to be able to be nude in your own back yard. I do skinny dip in my pool sometimes, but it’s only at night and is always risky. Riskier with the cage I would suppose.

      1. Yeah I’m not sure how things will change as our children grow, I would really like for nudity to just be the norm. But we will see.

  2. I really enjoy when the cheeky comes out in me and HL wants to play so I can see how much fun this would be. It is also hot to think of being out of doors like this and the image is dreamy 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes but I do think it’s getting the right balance between cheeky and just not following rules. Luckily PS is happy to have a bit of cheek.

  3. Although, yes, the goal should be to be submissive and obedient, every once in a awhile, we have to make them work for it just a little bit, lg 😉 … being sassy (as Frank calls it) just adds a bit of fun … and as for you being ‘captured and taken’ … that was pretty hot :)) … nj

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