Flower in the Undergrowth

Flower in the Undergrowth

I’ll be honest with you, littlegem is not a fan of this photo. In the undergrowth of a woodland I am sitting amongst stinging nettles and thorns while taking an upwards shot of littlegem. I took a few, deciding the focus was better on the flower, even still gem is a little uncomfortable with this type of upward photo.

I do try to bear in mind the parts of her body that she doesn’t like when taking a photo. When we first began our photography, especially outside this could cause upset. A photo that I thought was captivating, showcasing littlegem’s beauty was quickly put down because she didn’t like what she saw.

Her confidence grows, my knowledge and understanding how she feels develops. We haven’t really been doing this very long so its understandable to have these sorts of issues. Experience and positive feedback has been wonderful. I did even try to edit out what she didn’t like in this image, however we both decided to keep it how it was.

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40 Replies to “Flower in the Undergrowth

  1. I’m not sure anyone is ever truly happy with their body. If only we could see ourselves as others see us—that would alleviate a lot of self esteem problems. Beautiful shot!! The selective focus works very well here.

  2. Gorgeous shot of Littlegem, and where I too don’t like upward shots of my body because of my belly and the scar I have, I am less freaked out by them than before, and much of that has to do with taking image after image from different angles. This image is beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  3. Yeah I am a bit like gem in that I will cull so many shots that my man likes. And he too loves to focus on the flower and put me in a blur – take last weeks header for example – that aside this is a fab shot x

  4. I understand why you might not like this kind of image of you purple gem, but you are so beautiful. But also I so love the beauty of your surroundings and how that draws our eyes to you. Well done PS for another fabulous photo. xxx

  5. A beautiful flower indeed, the undergrowth isn’t bad either! Creative depth of field and I love how gem is framed between the two stalks.

  6. She always looks so gorgeous in every photo. I understand how she feels, and it really is impressive how having your photo taken (and the praise you receive) can change how you feel about yourself

    1. She is gorgeous ?, I encourage her to read all the lovely things people say when I do the prompts because she isn’t sure about the photos.

  7. Taking photos or, having photos taken of myself, has been a way to have a conversation with and about those parts of me that I would, until recently, hidden even from myself. This has been a liberating journey for me and I hope it will be so for littlegem who is lovely.

    1. Thank you, taking photos has been so beneficial, you can see it in the way she is more comfortable in front of a camera than when we first started.

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