Fishnet Bra Set

Fishnet Bra littlegem sitting in an alley way in her fishnet bra and fishnet hold ups

Recently I attempted to buy new bras. I say attempted as I am awful at buying bras; I am very picky and the ones I do like then look unflattering on me. Usually I purchase bras from Bravissimo as they fit better for my size but they don’t tend to be the sexiest bras in the world. This fishnet bra set caught my eye as it looked a bit different.

After trying it on and briefly showing PurpleSole he confirmed that he liked it too. I sent back the other purchases and put the fishnet bra set on the side. Where it sat for a few days. I have a habit of doing this if I am still unsure about clothing/lingerie I have bought, it will sit on the fireplace mantle with the tags still in. A sort of limbo until I have completely made up my mind.

Then our neighbours went away. PS had wanted to take a photo in the alley way that connects our houses for a while but I wasn’t keen as I didn’t want to risk getting caught by them. He suggested the fishnet bra set with some fishnet holdups as he thought they would go with the harsh brick feel of the alley way. Second reason I didn’t want to take photos in the alley, it’s a bit yuck and has giant spiders in it.

The photos turned out better than I thought, this one was one of PS’s favourites.

Lingerie is for everyone
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26 Replies to “Fishnet Bra Set

  1. Nice and no way would you have got me near spiders!!!! Have you tried any of the ones from anne summers that I have been getting?? I’ve found them comfortable and flattering

    1. I’m not sure Anne Summers sells my bra size. I have a lot of the lingerie sets that come in the packets as they are sized differently.

      1. Lottie is really good at helping you pick the right size. Bra sizing is an art form, different makes sure different fits. I am between a 32F, 32G, 34G, 34F and I have to try a few on some times x

  2. Okay, I can’t lie or hold anything back … I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS!! You’ve hit about a million kinks in one image and I think I might burst from the phwoar factor! What a duo you two make when it comes to bringing us fabulous content! Amazing work lovelies x

  3. Sometimes we must suffer for our art ? and I, for one, am so glad you did. Hats off to both of you; this is a gorgeous collaboration.

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