Complicated: Names of littlegem

Complicated: The Names of littlegem, littlegem on a beach

Following some recent life complications it was decided that we were going to make some changes. Ones that hopefully will create a more defined boundary between everyday life and our kinky side.

First of all I am going to write a list of all the rules, rituals and responsibilities we have to each other. Particularly to help me remember it all, as it’s becoming a lot to think about. Not following up on a rule isn’t good for our power exchange. Its also a chance to make adjustments to ‘unwritten rules’ to give a bit more clarity. Currently it’s a work in progress so I’ll leave it at that for now.

The other part was to give littlegem a sub name. Gem was the one that came up with this idea, she wanted me to come up with a name that will differentiate between our lives. One that will just be for me and her. 

Why Not littlegem?

Firstly littlegem is a name she came up with. It’s only used online and I have never used the name littlegem out loud. The only exception being at Eroticon and it sounded odd then. Nothing adds to social awkwardness when you hesitate when someone asks what your names are. 

The Many Names of littlegem

Obviously littlegem has a real name, I use her nickname around friends and family as that’s how they know her. I use her full name when I’m being stern to her. Around the kids we refer ourselves as mummy and daddy. Not to be confused when she calls me Daddy, different tone, completely different. Of course on top of that there are her other persona’s, ruby, her little side and puppy, her pet side. 

There are also the names she uses during our various role plays:

Diamond, a stripper at a gentleman’s club. 

Amber, a masseuse that gets rather hands on with her clients

Opal, a prostitute that gets picked up from the street. 

Gemma Littlestone, a naughty schoolgirl that is always getting into trouble. 

Crystal, adult entertainer, still a work in progress that will have to be discussed another time. 

So it’s fair to say it can get a bit complicated when it comes to naming. 

Coming up With a Sub Name

I know gem, I know that almost any name I pick she won’t like, not at first anyway. I just have to pick something for myself. It may seem like an action more acustom to a Master/slave dynamic, which isn’t where we are currently. But that was the agreement, I choose the name and that’s what you’ll be called. 

But I still wanted it to mean something. It needed to be relevant to gem stones, as with the others (with the exception of puppy). 

So I’ve chosen a name, it’s a name I’ll only use around each other and during play. The intention being to change her mindset quickly back to being a sub when there are distractions. Almost like an instant trigger to quickly separate her feelings. But that’s a way off, it may not even work. We’ll just have to see. 

What was the name? Oh I’m not telling, not yet anyway. 

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33 Replies to “Complicated: Names of littlegem

  1. Oh my god, tell us! Haha. I want to know so bad now!
    My Master addresses me as his puppet and I quite like it, because it is both a petname and a submissive role. It took us a while to figure out what names we would use for each other, because it needs to feel comfortable for both partners. I hope that the new way to address will help with your D/s dynamic!

  2. Ahhh names … we’ve tried on a few … we’ve found it needs to be something that resonates with both of us. Frank remains ‘Sir’ … we tried ‘Daddy’ … but it didn’t stick. I don’t really have a ‘name’ per se (he doesn’t use my ‘online name’ at all) … he will refer to me as his ‘subby’ at times or my vanilla ‘handle’ is
    and has been for years, ‘babe’. However, the affectionate D/s one … the one the makes my insides melt is ‘Babygirl’ … I hope whatever you’ve landed on has the same effect …. nj … xx

  3. Aooww you tease PS! ? I love that you have different names for different roleplays, Opal being a particularly beautiful name! I’m a total sucker for pet names, me and bf have a whole load for each other! One in particular that calls me but like you say, it’s nice to keep some things private ? Enjoy! ?

  4. Interestingly, I’m watching a lecture series from Robert Hazen about mineral evolution. So it’s only natural for littlegem to evolve!

  5. I was surprised to read that you didn’t feel comfortable introducing gem and gem as she feels like gem to me and it felt quite natural. We do have the same with HL, hence HL but he tends to use his real name when out with other people. I will stick with missy as I feel like missy is the sub side of me now. He uses my real name at home unless we are playing or he wants to focus me, in which case missy is something we feel we can get away with in front of others. As I have used the name more in chat, on my blog and at live events, I think it has become more part of me. I understand the development though and I feel I have been through seeing myself as lots of different parts, to two separate parts and back around again in various ways. We were speaking about that recently too so I think there is a post or a chat topic coming.

    1. Yes that would be an interesting topic. I think I was mostly unsure because it was the first time we’d been out and about as PS and littlegem. Next year I’m hoping to be a bit more comfortable about it. Its just about finding what is most comfortable for both of us.

  6. I very much enjoyed reading your post. It’s prompted me to think about mental triggers and compartmentalisation in my own life.

    1. That’s good, it’s not really something I had thought about much until littlegem prompted it. But I can see how it makes a difference.

  7. How dare you leave us hanging! ?

    Anyway, we need to explore the same topic. As my SWC handle seems to be my name to people online, that is of course not what my wife calls me. Actually, I just realized that I have no sub name that she uses. (Which of course means there is no name to trigger such emotions or a submissive mindset.) Somehow we’ve landed on me referring to her as Ma’am when she’s giving instructions, but we only refer to her as Queen in the third person. Thanks for bringing up the topic for us!

    1. I’m sorry ?. I do know some people that have sub names and that has a positive influence on them. So it seems a good thing to try and if it works for us then we can continue.

  8. Oh you tease! Come on, you have to tell us now. I am quite curious!
    I can see where it will be good to have one name, instead of all the different names you have now. Or will you still be using the other names for the different personas Gem has?

    Rebel xox

    1. She’ll still be mummy and her real name. But her new name will be just when it’s us two. You could guess her new name, there is a theme so it could probably be worked out.

  9. This is such an interesting post and I think many of us go on name journey when we start delving into kink. Shock horror, my given name isn’t Floss, and I am so with you on that moment when you don’t know how to answer the question ‘what’s your name?’, that’s why when I went to Eroticon I just decided to leave the given name behind and just be Floss, as I am in so many facets of life now. Bakji is the only person who calls me my full given name, and everyone else in my life calls me a shortened version of it. So Floss is special to me in its own way, because I chose it and it represents such a huge and rewarding part of my life. I hope both yourself and littlegem settle into her new name and that it becomes a name she has many fond and sexy moments with x

    1. Thank you, it is strange because if you’d said your name was anything else I’d still want to call you floss because that’s what I’m acustom to. So I think it takes time to be comfortable with your name, given or foist upon.

  10. It’s a fascinating idea to have different names for different compartments. I can see how it really does help to move one in and out of various mindspaces and roles. Great post. ?

  11. All the names that ever got used for me really came about just be accident but I am super curious to find out what name you decided on


  12. Even when I know people’s real names I still refer to them and often call them by their blog names. Gem really seems to suit her as does floss etc. My name is this girl and that does cause me to stop and be the slave I am. But for obvious reasons that’s not appropriate for others to refer to me. I do wish I’d thought up a good blog name but MPB seems ok and is another of his pet names for me. So i am Julie out ans of course that’s my name. Great post xx

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