Rosacea Relief: Medical Facial

Rosacea Relief littlegem lying on her back nude with cum on her neck and chest

Rosacea Relief

It has been hot, really really hot. I shouldn’t complain as I do like summer, but my skin does not. The last week of increasing heat has rapidly spread my rosacea to my entire face and neck. I don’t enjoy looking like a read blob. I am the type of person who can find multiple faults with how I look on a good day. Today is not a good day.

After a pretty bad night of feeling like I want to tear my face off, PurpleSole and I both were awake fairly early. 

“I think I should cum on your face.”

Medical facial

PS has written before about our experiment with ‘medical facials’ for my rosacea and although we were not entirely sure it worked I was happy to resume the treatment.

Before D/s a facial was something we never did, I thought it looked a bit vulgar. But having now had quite a few facials, I am enjoying them more. I do have a preference of how it is received, which I requested this morning.

Administering the treatment

PS moved my body into position, on my back in the centre of the bed. He lifted his legs over and straddled my bare stomach. I could feel the tickle of his balls on my chest, his already hard cock directly in my line of vision.

He took his erection in his fist and started to pump down on it. I love to watch him pleasure himself, the thought of it always makes me wet. There is something about having him on top of me whilst he fucks himself that is so much sweeter. It plays to my submissive feelings, feeling like I’m his canvas to paint how he wishes. 

My hands started to wonder, I couldn’t help myself. My fingers circled his perineum, kneading the flesh under my thumbs. I looked up to see his expression change, confirmation that he was enjoying my touch. Continuing my journey I moved my hands around to his arse cheeks, squeezing them together. He slowed his pace and I felt his fingers slip inside me. I arched my hips up to move them in deeper as he plunged them in and out.

“Three fingers slipped in easily, you do enjoy watching me you dirty girl.”

His words made me groan, twisting away from myself but I looked him in the eyes and grasped his arse harder. I felt another finger join the rest in their hunt to my g-spot, he then moved my hand to his cock. 

The intense heat of his erection felt good in my hand. I twisted my grasp over his slick head and stroked down his shaft, spreading the pre-cum over for lubrication. Matching his rhythm as he fucked me with his fingers, I pleasured his cock. 

I could feel him harden further and the veins start to bulge. I didn’t slow my pace as I knew I should. Eager to witness the finale. A couple more thrusts and his cock pulsated his release. The warm liquid elixir spurting across my chest and neck.

Rub it in

This is the part where it is less sexy and more medical. He circled his come into my face and neck, making sure it was massaged in nicely. He then flopped on the bed next to me awaiting the spunk to dry. The come turns cold pretty quickly, especially whilst aided by our fan and the itching and burning of my rosacea felt some relief. My skin started to tighten as it dried, tingling as if I was wearing a face mask.

After around 20 minutes I went to wash my face. Although the immediate rosacea relief was nice when the come was wet and soothing. Once it had dried it became a bit irritating on my skin. 

Rosacea relief? 4 Days later

The intense heat not only flared up my rosacea but also caused me to get prickly heat rash on my face, neck and shoulders. Did I mention that my skin really hates the heat. This didn’t react so well to the facial so this was stopped. But once the prickly heat had subsided It was clear that my rosacea did look improved. I have asked PS if he could continue giving me medical facials for a while and see if it keeps on providing rosacea relief. Plus it is a rather fun treatment process, a win win situation really.

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22 Replies to “Rosacea Relief: Medical Facial

  1. I love the way that you two interact and the transition in this piece from sexy to practical highlights the genuine intimacy and care between you. I am glad that it provided a little relief in the moment lol and hope you continue to enjoy the treatment 🙂

  2. Wow, so hot and not the weather! Love the science experiment in real life, so great!
    -PS if anybody needs a treatment, the doctor is in. Just saying ?

  3. I can’t remember where I read it or when but I read that cum was good for the skin. So whenever my hubby comes on me, I rub it in. I love the feel of it tightening. I’m glad you’ve had some relief from the facial!

    1. Yes apparently good for hair too lol. I find the tingling odd but not unpleasant, although I am deff ready to wash it off after 20mins!

  4. I hear it is good for us too – but it is always the men telling me that lol I hate it – warm messy sticky stuff! Yuk lol x

  5. Sounds intriguing. And I’m interested to hear the findings from the ongoing experiment. If nothing else, as you say, it’s bound to be a lot of fun! Fantastic, hot descriptions in this, too. Very sexy ?

    1. We haven’t been able to carry it on as frequently as I would like but so far my face has stayed pretty clear. Still slightly red on my cheeks but that could be perminant now. Thank you ?

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