Enema play: Wash Out Humiliation

Enema Play- littlegem with her arse in the air awaiting play

Enema play

Enema play or being washed out is a type of play I had never done before. I would say it was in my amber list of kinks. It is something I have done by myself before anal, but never as an actual centre of play or in front of PS. I really was not certain when I received a message from PS informing me this was to happen and in “laboratory conditions”. After initially deflecting and making a ‘don’t you mean lavatory’ joke, I decided I just wouldn’t think about it and put it out of my mind. 

When starting our D/s, PurpleSole asked me to write a limits list. Red for no go’s (hard limit), amber for things I would like to try but not certain about (soft limits) and green for things that are completely fine. The idea was in time PS was going to work through the amber limits, slowly pushing me. He has done this over time. So not a huge amount remains there, they have either been shifted to green or red. 

Comfort zone limits

It is difficult because I do want to be pushed out of my comfort zone, which enema play really would do. Being watched while something so abnormal was happening to my body. I also enjoy being humiliated erotically, being told about the dirty little things that turn me on. But I wasn’t sure that I actually liked having water filled up my arse. It’s an odd sensation and to be honest it kind of has similarities for me as needing to go to the toilet. I will point out play involving defecation is on my red list, I like being pushed but that’s too far for me. Piss on the other hand… 

There was also the thought that if PS only pushed me in areas that I wanted him to, is that really me under his control. I have said before that I have a curious mind and will try most things once. So the evening of the enema play came and I awaited PS instructions. 

Into the unknown

“I would like you to prepare yourself prior to play.” 

I went by myself with the anal bulb and cleaned out. Like I said, I have done this part before so it wasn’t an issue. Although I felt a bit tense about what was to happen next. The only details PS had given me were that I was to come downstairs nude and have an inspection that would involve anal enema. It would be a cross between one of our inspections and a bit of roleplay. Two things that I enjoy. 

Opening the door I could see various instruments of pleasure laid out on a table. In the middle of the room was the sex table. I was asked to lay down on my stomach, just before I got on the table I glimpsed a bucked ‘hidden’ underneath. A massive part of me wanted to say something, protest that we won’t be needing anything as grotesque as a bucket. But I didn’t, I stayed quiet and followed my orders.

PS warmed me up in the usual way, caressing my skin with his gloved fingers. Reassuring me with his words and touch. 

“Raise your bottom please and assume a comfortable position.” 

I brought my arse up, tucked my knees under slightly and rested the side of my face on my arms. My stomach was in knots, I have never felt so unsure about any other play before. PS’s words were soothing and over all I trusted him. Although what was going to happen would be deeply humiliating for me, he loves me no matter what. I felt my muscles relax around the bulb nozzle as it was pushed inside. PS then started to fill me up. 

Enema play humiliation

My face heated as PS was commenting on what was happening, I was glad that my face was slightly hidden by my hands. I just wanted to shrink away from everything that was happening, but his words kept me in the present.

“You are doing very well, it looks like you can take much more than I expected.” He said as he filled the bulb back up with warm water and attached it back to my arse. I had never emptied the whole bulb before, let alone more than one at once. The water felt weird inside me, like I was becoming heavier from the inside. The weight of it putting pressure against me, giving an incredibly full sensation. 

As PS filled me up further the mix of feeling embarrassed about what was happening and feeling full up started to become arousing for me. I really wasn’t sure it would be, but the familiar ache of my clit becoming needy was making me squirm around. My movements must have given me away to PS, “What I would like to do is test your responses to various stimulation, as you have surpassed my expectations in the intake part of the test. But first I need to plug you up.” 

PS pushed a metal butt plug inside me, keeping all the water in. Then he took vibrators off the table one by one and ‘tested’ them out on my clit. The pressure from the water felt very intense and as if my g-spot was being pressed down from the inside. Every time I moved my stomach felt like it was buoyant. Against my mixed feelings of what was happening PS teased an orgasm from me. The full feeling aiding to it being quite an intense release. But as soon as the wave had left my body my mind shifted. Everything had become too much and the play was instantly over.

After thoughts

I am glad that PS suggested this play and put me out of my comfort zone. Why this worked for me was because of the humiliation element. With PS’s words prodding me for response it transformed the enema into a sexual play. Although I am not certain I would want this play taken any further as it didn’t have a great affect on my body the next day. 

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15 Replies to “Enema play: Wash Out Humiliation

  1. Wow this sounds interesting. Did you not need to expel the water? I feel like I have lots of questions. Great post 🙂

    1. Really?! Well I was surprised ? It was fulfilling at the time but very overwhelming after climax. I’m still unsure about it hense it took so long to do this post.

  2. Very interesting gem! I know the mechanics of it but never experienced it like you have. Pet has a fetish for enemas so you’ve definitely given me some ideas! ?

  3. While it’s not something I would do myself, one of the first pieces of erotic fiction I read just after I figured out I was kinky involve extreme enema play and humiliation and I thought it was SO hot. It wasn’t the enema that did it for me but the humiliation of it all.

  4. I have occasionally given myself enemas, because of the way it makes me clit ache. We have never done it together and I love reading how you have. I have to admit, this made me squirm a bit… 😉

    Rebel xox

  5. Wow, I am in awe of you being able to hold the water while being stimulated! All I can imagine doing is shooting the water out as soon as a vibrator touched me! Fascinating post ?

  6. Definitely not something for me but I can still totally relate to why this was a turn on for you. That being exposed and pushed to do something right on the edge of your comfort zone is hot


  7. I was about to say this isn’t for us but that’s not strictly true. I once attempted to use a bulb but the bulb kept popping off the hose and I was getting irritated when my OH appeared in the doorway, told me to kneel over the shower and part my cheeks. I can’t tell you how much that brief moment turned me on.

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