None Sew Pretty

Taking Photos in Lockdown

Where I work is like stepping back in time. There is machinery dating back to the 1950’s, whirring and clicking away whilst we work. A lack of spare parts means a lot of space is dedicated to machinery not in use but may one day come in handy. That’s what I was told anyway, I see it more as a place to hoard old things bought from car boots. The place is starting to look like a museum. 

With that in mind I thought I could find myself a prop to take a photo with, so I chose this old sewing machine. It came in a beautiful box and is unbelievably heavy, especially considering I had to walk home with it. Luckily my boss didn’t ask too many questions about the reasoning for taking it home for the weekend. Then again they don’t seem to ask about the plain brown packages that come regularly anymore. I probably should take more care, since they almost opened a package with a dog tag in it.  

Sinful Sunday

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  1. My Mum had an old Singer sewing machine, powered with a foot treadle. It is still in the basement at my parents’ home. She liked using it over an electric machine because she felt she had more control over the sewing process.
    A popular folk legend was that operating the foot treacle machine offered ladies stimulation in a certain “sensitive” area.
    I wouldn’t know

  2. Lovely. That machine brings back my memory of my grandmother using one very much like this. However when she used it, there wasn’t such a nice background to entice me. lol

  3. Beautiful vintage photo! I smile at the thought of a machine to make clothing and its present purpose to showcase a complete lack of it!

  4. This photo is marvelous! My sister in law bought an old table machine and currently it is in pieces as we are working on restoring it. The background shot of little gem is ingenious.

  5. This image is not only creative but also very beautiful… I can’t stop staring at it!!

  6. Great photo and great use of the sewing machine as a prop! I have a treadle Singer and although I’ve used the cabinet in a few photos I’m embarrassed to admit that it never occurred to me to use the machine itself – will have to rectify that 🙂

    If you’re curious, there will be a serial number on the Singer, which you can google and find out the year it was made.

  7. This is a gorgeous image. I love the sewing machine and the beautiful model in the background too of course. Very sexy and 10 out of 10 for effort with carrying the the thing home ?

  8. Oh this image brings back memories of the sewing machines I used when I learned how to sew. But, I am intrigued by this image, wondering just what you did with it when you took it home. No sewing, I suppose. I look forward to seeing it in more pics! 😉

    Rebel xox

  9. A beautiful frame and a tantalising glimpse. I’d have liked to have known the excuse you’d have given if your colleague had seen the dog tag!

  10. I believe that my Mum might still have her old Singer machine that was just like this. I don’t know for sure mind you. And you are right, they are extremely heavy. You needed a pair of cotton bloomers or something lacy to be under the heel of the machine as if she was sewing her own underwear


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