Adventure is Out There

Adventure is Out There

This week’s Food for Thought Friday is about how film influences your kinky lifestyle. 

My favourite film is Up! Unusual maybe but littlegem and I do like watching children’s family films. I love its stunning visuals, soundtrack and unique story line. I didn’t think it had much influence in my life apart from being a theme for one of our daughter’s bedroom. Turns out I can crowbar some similarities between it our kink lifestyle.

Warning: Contains spoilers of the film, but it’s 10 years old now so it’s your own fault if you haven’t seen it. 

Why do I like it?

Up starts with a 10 minute sequence showing a young boy (Carl) and girl (Ellie) with a shared interest in an explorer growing up together. It is an emotional roller coaster as they get married, buy a house and plan a life together. Soon turning into a series of events that puts their lifelong dream of travelling on hold. This is followed by miscarriage and the inability to have children, which is unusual for film aimed at families. But for many it is very real, it is heartbreaking and something none of us would wish on anybody. Agonisingly this is followed by the illness and death of the wife, grief (especially from a male perspective) being another issue I’m glad the film tackles. The adventure book they wish to have filled remains empty.

I’m still yet to get through this sequence without crying, I know what’s going to happen but I just can’t stop it. 

The film now focuses on Carl in the present day, an old man living on his own in the same house. 

Ok, So What Does This Have to do With Your Dynamic?

Firstly, I feel I share some of the characteristics of Carl, not wanting to change and being a bit of a git. In his case, staying in the same house as the area around him is redeveloped. Underneath however he has a strong heart, even if he doesn’t always show it. 

The Adventure Book

Carl and his wife Ellie had an adventure book. It was to be filled with all the travels they planned to go on. However it was never fulfilled while they were together. Carl took the book as he went on the adventure himself, only to find when he got there Ellie had filled it herself before her death. 

Inside were pictures of both of them together. The life they had spent together was the adventure, no matter that they weren’t able to achieve their dream. She wrote in the book, thanking him and telling him to write his own adventure. This is another part that gets me every time, I am a mess watching this film.

Adventure Is Out There

We all have bumps in the road of our life, some are bigger than others. We think of the fantasies that are out of our reach. It can be easy to think of the could haves. But the true joy comes from those small pleasures. A cuddle, spending time with friends and family. 

Thinking about it, this blog is our adventure. Each post we share is a page, with it is a memory, a photo, a small facet of our life to look back on. It could be a kinky scene we had, a place we visited or a drop in our dynamic. It is real, it is the good, the bad and the naughty bits. It is not about where we want to get to, but the enjoyment we have getting there. One day I hope to be an old man, looking back at my adventure and being happy for the experiences I had and the memories we shared. 


15 Replies to “Adventure is Out There

  1. Ugh now I’m ugly crying! This was so sweet and it is a wonderful movie. To this day my favorite part, “My master made me this collar, he is a good and smart master, he made me this collar so that I may talk.. SQUIRREL!” ?

  2. I’m not sure which point to make first, I enjoyed so much about this post. First of all the picture is awesome, I really love it. I also love the film UP, I’ve also cried every time I’ve watched, it’s definitely an emotional one. Your post also got me welling up a bit too, it is such a lovely approach to life. I often think I use the word adventure too much, and sometimes when I say it people are like ‘an ADVENTURE? OMG where are you going?’ and my response might be ‘oh, on the coach to London with Bakji’ then they seem deflated because to them adventure is going to far and distant lands or the moon. For me, though adventure is all those things I do with my loved ones and you and little gem seem to have that same vibe about you and I really love that x

    1. Thank you floss ☺. Going on the coach is totally an adventure! We had an impromptu trip to the beach last week as soon as I finished work, it was nice to do something different. Although turns out it was a bit cold.

  3. I have never seen up, maybe I should?
    I love that photo – what a brilliant idea and also how you say this blog is an adventure for you both. So true – it is your space where you get to share the things you want to show others – how exciting is that? I get excited about my blog so often – and why not ;-)x

  4. This speaks right to me, given my search for adventures and travel which is half the reason I run. I don’t have a significant other to share photos with at the moment, but I have this community! And about your photo, unlike Carl, I didn’t need any balloons to get “up!”

    1. Thank you, it was one of those posts I wrote and thought “bugger, what are we going to do as a photo.” Luckily gem came up with the idea ?

  5. Really like your take on this. I do travel all over the world with no official home base, but I still consider my every day explorations and the little things I do with friends very important adventures in my life! (Maybe the most important really! What would the traveling be if I didn’t meet and love new people?!)

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