Pleasure of the Unknown

Pleasure Unknown- littlegem's nipples in quite the predicament

Pleasure has been the last thing on my mind the last week or so. I haven’t been feeling myself, well I have. Just the version of myself that I don’t like being and feeling. What has really helped me is PurpleSole not giving up the reins of control and trying to get me to carry on with play as usual. This is something that we have decided would be better for me when feeling low, to try and push me out of it. Break the cycle.

Pleasure me not

I received a message from PS informing me that I was to find clothes that I didn’t mind “not wearing again,” for our play on Friday evening. Usually the idea of this would have been really exciting, the possibilities of maybe Con/non-con or knife play being some of my favourites. But as I was in a bad place in my head, I just wanted to curl up and avoid everything by the evening time. My reply was vague and in my mind I was already formulating excuses. The evening time came and I asked for an impromptu trip to the beach to ‘air me out a bit,’ putting off play.

The weekend came and the fog in my mind had lifted a bit. In the kids nap time PS decided we were going to play. I hadn’t even thought about what I would wear, so hurried upstairs to find things that were old and already a bit over worn. Turns out I have a lot of clothes that fit into this category. I put on some frayed knickers, a vest top that had seen better days and a holey pair of tights. Perfect, ready for the unknown to commence.

Into the unknown

PS had given me no other details about what he had planned. As he exchanged my collars he told me to close my eyes and keep them closed the whole time. I really don’t like blindfolds, the fabric rubs my sensitive skin and I feel too enclosed in them. A part of me was unsure, I know I can always use a safeword, but not being able to see what is happening to me put me on edge slightly. 

PS had sat me down in front of the cupboard door, he then asked me to open my legs wide and bend my knees. The whole time he kept talking to me, reassuring me that I was doing well. I was then told to rest my hands on my head.

“You look very exposed now.”

I twisted inside at how awkward I felt, my legs wide apart. No hands to cover anything up. A rope loop was then placed around my leg and rope wound around my ankle and thigh, binding them together. This rope tie PS has done on me a few times so the familiar feeling gave me comfort, I could visualise what he was doing. My other leg was enclosed the same way and then my ankles were placed in a spreader bar, rendering me unable to move my legs at all. I felt soft leather on my wrists and knew they had been cuffed together. Motionless I awaited my fate.  

What a predicament

I felt the cold metal of a blade on my face, the flat side gently caressing my cheek. My breath caught in my throat, my excitement mounting. PS danced the knife over my skin, down my neck and over the fabric covering my nipples. The warmth of PS’s hand on my top was felt, circling my nipples with his fingers. He then gently pulled my top down, exposing my nipples. Grasping my nipple tight between his fingers I knew what was going to happen next. The nipple clamps were fitted, I felt a pinching sensation a PS released his grasp. The cold looped metal of the chain that connected my breasts was tickling my skin as I moved slightly, the swaying motion tugging on the clamps.

A sharp point briefly grazed my foot as my tights were being cut away. PS working methodically to reveal the parts of me that he wanted on show. A clinking noise, then I felt the chain linking my breasts being lifted. My nipples tingled as they adjusted to the new sensation. Then I felt my tights being pulled at, my big toe now exposed. 

“Now I wouldn’t move your toe if I were you.”

Now what do you think was the first thing I did on hearing this… I moved my toe. 

I gasped as my breasts were tugged. The clamps pulling at them in response to my toe movements. At that point I realised there was something attached to my toe and must be rigged up to the nipple clamps. That something turned out to be dental floss. 

There was more clinking noises and I could feel PS close to me, his heat and smell so close to my face. But I was unable to move, to touch or even kiss him.

“Your arms should stay where they are as well.”

I knew this time what would happen if I moved them, but I did it anyway. Curiosity and pure stubbornness some of my larger traits. My nipples starting to ache from all the attention they were receiving.  

Pleasure builds

“Now lets not let that top get in the way.”

I could hear a tearing noise as PS then cut the fabric, releasing my breasts completely. The weight of them pulling the floss and chains more taut. Crying out as my burning nipples felt so hot and enlarged from the clamps only made my body move. I couldn’t help but laugh at worsening my own predicament.

My skin felt aware of every sensation as PS cut away more of my clothes. Some more holes down my legs here, a rip in my thighs there. He made his way to my crotch.

“Did you wear knickers and tights just to make more of a barrier here?”

He was right, I like to be awkward, I smirked to myself.

“You know that wont stop me.” My tights were split open at the crotch and I felt the blade against my clit.

“Your knickers are very damp already.” My cheeks burned at hearing how my body was revealing my pleasure. Then my knickers were sliced open.

I felt the warmth of PS’s fingers against bulging my clit, it felt as if it was crying out for attention. His fingers then moved lower, spreading my wetness around before he dipped them between my pulsating lip. Moaning I lifted my hips to push his fingers deeper, the movement only aiding the clamps to pull more at my nipples.   

PS withdrew his fingers and I pouted, whimpering for more attention. I heard a switch flick and knew I was about to receive some more pleasure.

Pleasure pinnacle

The wand rumbled against my clit and my body was already shaking. The build up had been extensive and my body wanted it’s release. Massaging the wand to my clit whilst working his fingers inside me PS taunted me, asking me if he should count me down or deny me

But I kept replying no, I knew that a toe curling orgasm would only worsen the nipple predicament and at some point those clamps also had to come off. Yes they would have to either way, but you don’t think very logically when gripped him the midst of an evil pleasure system. Well I don’t anyway.

PS ignored me and started the countdown, my body was responding against my will. He then decided to count back up. I may have sworn at him at this point, I can’t really remember. He toyed with me in this way until he finally let me orgasm. The pain of my nipples being pulled and squeezed by my movements of orgasm created a circle of pain pleasure, each spurring the other on. The result was a very drawn out and consuming orgasm.

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39 Replies to “Pleasure of the Unknown

  1. This sounds like a brilliant session, and I believe this is the second time I came across a story where dental floss has been used. Kinky stuff 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. I thought that too – @DemontFrancesca was beautifully and successfully tortured (nipple wise) with dental floss!

      Wonderful sexy torture predicament, and using the knife to cut away the clothes sounded so sexy. Your description of your climax nearly had my toes curling (in a good way) too!

  2. Love predicament bondage!! This sounds like some delightful torture and pleasure ? I’ve never considered using dental floss before, I wonder if there is a difference in using the mint/menthol coated or not? ?

  3. I like how PS did what needed to be done regardless of your current headspace. This is something we’re still learning. Great scene by the way. ?

    1. Thank you, yes it has taken us a while for PS to be happy to push me whilst in that headspace. But after lots of discussions it’s really what is best for us. ?

  4. This sounds so hot and I am glad that PS wasn’t put off by your mood. HL has done the same thing with the chain, clamps and thread and I know how effective it is. Do you find that that PS continuing to Dominate you will flip your mindset and the way you feel longer term to get you out of your slump or is it a shorter term fix?

    1. I think there are a lot of factors affecting it so I don’t think the Dominance alone would flip it, but it really did help. I think I have to allow myself be flipped aswell, if that makes sense?

    1. Thank you May, it was very hot. I actually asked PS to take the photo whilst we were playing just because I knew seeing it afterwards would be hot for me too.

  5. This is so deliciously hot. The knife part made me squirm and they way he touched you, spreading your juices round, made me a bit growly.


  6. this is such a sexy, kinky post! I love it! Sounds like you were in quite a predicament!

    1. Thank you, yes it was! I’m glad that I’m feeling more comfortable with nipple play as this was really fun to do. Maybe one day I will be ready for the clover clamps lol.

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