Field of Poppies

Field of Poppies, littlegem covered in wax and poppies

Back in February we played with some soy wax. The resulting picture was used for Sinful Sunday and to this day has the most views, likes and retweets of our posts. Inspired by that and some of our outdoor adventures of late I was inspired to improve upon it. 

Children put down for their afternoon naps, littlegem was told to sit down while I set up. A couple of jugs of soy wax, some green dye (plus a bit of red to make one a bit more brown in colour). Melt them in the microwave and mix, making sure its not too hot.

During the week prior I had noticed a lot of poppies growing where they shouldn’t. While technically a weed I think they are quite pretty so I wanted to make a use for them. Picking the heads, I put them in a small pot next to the wax.

It was now time to get my model. Littlegem was instructed to lay on the grass in our garden while I set to work. Pouring the wax over her and sticking the poppy heads on to look like a small field. Turns out flowers are very delicate and with waxy fingers it can be a bit tricky. Luckily I had wet wipes with me to help, I still wasn’t able to put on as many flowers as I had planned since they did fall apart so easy. 

The thing I love most is that this was a plan I had been thinking about for a while that went exactly how I wanted to. Usually my ideas don’t go the way I initially planned, but this is one I’m very chuffed about.

Field of Poppies

Sinful Sunday

45 Replies to “Field of Poppies

  1. This is gorgeous like everything you two do! It’s not just that little gem is so beautiful and sexy. There is so much affection, creativity, and joy that comes through in your photos. Even if I don’t always write something, they are always a pleasure to view.

  2. I love it when a plan comes together…. And we both featured poppies this week in our images but I love how you used the wax to create a field of poppies ON Gem


  3. I do love poppies and wax, so much so I once had a wax poppy created on my for Remembrance Sunday!

    Also, I do love it when the plan works…brilliant image.

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