Power Exchange: Baby’s Got [My] Back

Power Exchange; Littlegem's bottom

For those in any kind of relationship there is a power exchange. One party may naturally take control, or a power struggle may occur from differing views over control. This could be a boisterous work colleague, sibling rivalry, or simply that you have a cat.

D/s relationships have an order. The dominant has control over the submissive. However this doesn’t mean that the order isn’t challenged. D/s dynamics can vary greatly depending on the personalities involved. 

How Our Power Exchange Looks

There is a large sexual element to our relationship, we speak quite openly about it. But the base of this play is formed from how we are outside of this. There is a lifestyle, with family, children and work to consider. Looking at it from a purely fantasy perspective will leave you disappointed. 

The dynamic, and therefore with it the power exchange, is a constant state of flux. An evolution that requires evaluation to keep on top of. 

Littlegem’s Life Manager

Left to her own devices littlegem will do everything. She will put her all into a task until it is completed. It could be DIY or the weekly routine. Sing the first few lines of Sir mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back and she’ll need to sing the rest of the song. 

The trouble is she doesn’t know when to stop. All of a sudden she’s done too much, she’s exhausted, hungry and stressed. There have been plenty of times when she has fallen asleep on me early evening having done too much. This is where my control needs to come in. 

Her weekly routine is broken down into blocks, not to be over completed. She is rewarded for what is necessary. I try to encourage her to eat more, which is tricky since the food she wants is never the extra stuff I pick up in the supermarket.

Exercise is monitored, rituals are maintained and she is checked up upon regularly while I’m a work. There is a lot to remember and I would be lying if I said I did it all as I should. Being forgetful makes littlegem feel like I don’t care, which I know. She knows I know. But I get it, it affects the power exchange. There is always room for improvement, if I think otherwise I would get complacent. 

Fight the Power

Natural order without D/s would see littlegem grapple that control from me. Maintaining that position is vital to stop the rebellion. After all, she doesn’t want to take control, she wants to be the submissive. It just takes a bit of convincing.

The power exchange allows littlegem to concentrate on our children. It allows us to indulge in our kinky side and let’s us be ourselves.


10 Replies to “Power Exchange: Baby’s Got [My] Back

  1. You could try to spank a cat for pushing everything off the ledge buuuttt.. well you know how successful that is lol.

    Thank you for the very real perspective. So many newer people in the lifestyle want to only see the fantasy.

  2. Great post PS. I do think people sometimes expect the fantasy. Either that or the nightmare, when in truth, as you say, it is actually just a very structured agreement of what role each of us plays. Nicely put ?

  3. Once more I read how the sub would be in control but wants to relinquish this to the Dom – this is precisely why I am a sexual sub. I don’t want to make the decisions all the time. Your dynamic sound wonderfully caring too x

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