Basque-ing in Sunlight

Basque-ing in Sunlight

This is my my favourite piece of lingerie that littlegem wears. Here she is looking out of a hotel window on a sunny morning. This isn’t the first time we’ve shown this basque, there is another photo of her in it from our February Photofest.

Click the link and see who else is wearing beautiful lingerie

Lingerie is for everyone

14 Replies to “Basque-ing in Sunlight

    1. That’s an excellent question, I like the way it fits her body and the front is very pretty (you’d have to look at the other picture for that). It’s by far the most expensive piece she has but it is worth it.

  1. Oh she looks very sexy, I particularly like the wide sweeps of lace framing her lovely bottom and the lacing at the back underneath her gorgeous wavy hair (that’s what all princesses have – in MY head).
    I love how she looks in this lingerie too.

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