Knife Play- The Draw

Knife Play- a close up of littlegem's breast with a blade tip against it

Trigger warning- this post discusses self harm and knife play which may be distressing for some people. 


In the beginning

When we started out in our D/s dynamic knife play was on my hard limit list. Not for the most obvious reasons, I knew I would enjoy it. Just the idea of a knife touching my skin has me wet. But because of my history with self harm I thought it would be bad for me to enjoy this kind of play. That it might lure me back to old habits of cutting. I was wrong.

It took me a long time to try and want to understand why I self harmed. I had locked all those feelings up and thought that just trying not to think about it would make it eventually go away. That was not the case, the opposite really. My desire to cut became absorbing but I still had no grasp on why. Eventually after a wonderful patient person with a very understand mind helped me, I realised I should not be ashamed of myself and my desires. That it was okay to have these feelings and want to explore it again safely.   

So I plucked up the courage to discuss knife play with PurpleSole. To open up more than I had ever before with him around this topic and his reaction surprised me. He was keen to take our knife play (and edge play in general) further and wanted to be a part of this kink with me. At this point we had only ever used a knife for sensation play, a slight scratch on my skin. 

What I find kinky

For me knife play gives me a loss of control. With PS holding the blade I am rendered weak, my desire for him to hurt me brings me pleasure. At the current time the only scene we have used knife play in is our interrogation roleplay where PS, or should I say Vincent, cut off my tights and ran the blade down my skin. Both of these acts I find incredibly hot and the scene in general pushed a lot of kink buttons for me. I was rendered completely undone and at PS’s mercy. Since then PS has used a knife on me more as an experiment than play. He wanted to gain an understanding of what it is I liked about it and how far he could take it before it would tip over into too much pain.

As well as the sensation and potential of pain, knives for me look aesthetically pleasing. The shiny blade that glints in the light as it is twisted from side to side, and the handle can be so incredibly decorated. We haven’t yet got a purpose bought knife for play, PS is still waiting for me to pick one out which I like. The problem is finding a pretty one that isn’t incredibly expensive. They also give a sexy look of power to whoever is wielding them. Obviously in a safe and consensual environment I mean. Not knowing what will happen and being under PS’s control with a blade really is a turn on.

Future of knife play

I would like for our interests in this kink to grow and be taken further. At a pace which is agreeable to us both. This is one of the areas PS does find a bit more difficult, trying to shed the social niceties that are ingrained. Edge play and all its elements I do find  appealing, the sense of fear, loss of control and pain being big kinks for me. 

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6 Replies to “Knife Play- The Draw

  1. I am intrigued by knife play and cuts, but as a recovering self-harmer, I’m still too nervous to want to even suggest it. But I think it’s great that you are at a place where you and PS can explore it safely. Good luck ??

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying exploring this kink. It is a big one for me too. My top tip… wax play and knife play are a marriage made in heaven, the sensation of have the wax sliced off with a knife, the pull and tug on my skin as he cuts it away…… sooooo good


    1. We have experimented with this a little and agree the sensation is really good! Just need a dedicated knife for the job, save my kitchen knives a bit lol.

  3. I’m more keen than my OH on knife play. I’m hoping I can convince him that it’s the best thing aside from needles!

    1. Well we haven’t yet tried needle play so I don’t have a comparison lol, but I hope you have a fun time trying to convince him.

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