Taking Centre Stage

Taking Centre Stage, PurpleSole behind a curtain

“I want you to talk to me throughout, so I am comfortable and don’t freak out.”

Littlegem is nervous and she has every right to be. We are having a chat before a scene, which is rare. Usually she has clues about what is going to happen but doesn’t know specifics. This time is different however. We are doing something different, new, exciting, something deeply humiliating. She’s knows exactly what I am going to do to her.

I’m nervous too. Especially after what littlegem had said to me. The effectiveness of this play isn’t really down to how kinky it is, rather it is how I control the scene that will hold it together. 

It is a kink from the Amber list, a list of ever decreasing kinks that littlegem isn’t sure she’ll like but would like to try. This also includes the types of play that she would secretly like to do but wouldn’t possibly come out and tell me straight to my face. So it’s a case of just do it, this is what is going to happen and you might like it, you might not. There is always communication between us of some kind, however ultimately I come up with all of the evenings activities on a given night. Littlegem is too proper to want all this dirty, naughty stuff. Part of the humiliation is that she is simply a subject for my perverted desires. An experiment, a toy. 

Coming Up with a Scene

I’ve taken my time to think of how this scene will go. I’ve researched as much as a can about proper techniques and how to play in the safest way possible. I’ve also come up with a way to perform this kink, in the form of a role play. In this case I want it to be like an examination. This is also one of gem’s kinks so it is beneficial to use as it gives me greater confidence that it will go as intended. She has been told a couple of days in advance, this is so she is emotionally prepared for what I am going to do to her. On the night itself she goes upstairs to prepare herself, I make my own preparations.

The room is set up, the objects I’ll need are in the right place, accessible for when I need them. I have a plan in place, albeit a rough one. I need to be flexible and be aware of her needs. The biggest of which is to keep in communication to maintain the right mindset. 

My Mindset

If I am to be centre stage in this scene I need to be confident, ignore my doubts and save them for later. Littlegem is told to put on a mask and kneel, a play collar also replaced her day collar. This gives the scene a beginning and puts me in a position to take control. The mask is new, I have found it helps depersonalise gem. That may sound negetive but sometimes I need to ignore my feelings to treat her like a sub not a wife. 

HisLordship said it best recently when mentions to “say what you see.” This is the best way for me to keep talking, a running commentary but in the narrative of someone who knows what they are doing. The words ease littlegem and the scene plays out well. 

I have found that dwelling on negative thoughts can become self fulfilling. If you know your partner well you can see through them and know something is up. That negative experience will only echo, bringing an early halt to proceedings. Trusting yourself, ignoring any doubts and being well prepared are key to being centre stage and owning that scene.

So what was the play we were doing? You’ll have to find out another time

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  1. Of course now you have me very curious to know what scene this was. I love how you prepare for a scene! You really think everything through and take good care of Littlegem. It’s beautiful to read.

    Rebel xox

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