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PRO 2 Vibration- littlegem lying down with the toy between her legs

We have recently been sent some Satisfyer toys to review from the company themselves. After our great experience with the Power Flower that we reviewed for May More, we were extremely excited to get our hands on some more great looking toys.

Pro 2 Vibration

On receiving a good selection of their toys my eyes were immediately drawn to the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. We charged it up immediately to have a play. The main reason I was drawn to the Pro 2 vibration was because I knew it didn’t just use vibration, it uses pressure waves as well. I really like to try new things, you never know what might end up your new favourite toy.

PRO 2 Vibration whats in the boxThe look of the toy is very sleek with some sexy curves. The main body fits nicely in the hand and the buttons are inlaid in silicone so easy to find when pleasuring yourself. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but I really hate it when you have to stop to look at the toy before you can work out which button turns the thing up. Sort of ruins the mood. The Pro 2 vibration does not have this problem, the vibration button is even separate on its own island for if you wish to use it. 

Clit Heaven

I fucking love this toy. Review finished… Ok I should probably go into a bit more detail. 

My legs are wide open, as I lay out on the sofa. I’m ready and waiting, excitedly anticipating what’s to come. PurpleSole starts by warming my skin up with his hands, rubbing up my thighs and slightly grazing over my vulva. He then warms some water based lube between his thumb and fingers and smooths it over my clit. 

‘Click’ the toy is turned on and I feel a tingle as my clit is engulfed in the silky soft silicone head. It closes like a mouth around me, creating a seal. It feels like my clit is being pulled at slightly from within, I feel it engorge and begin to swell. I look at PS directly in the eyes, unable to convey eloquently how amazing this new feeling is,

“Shit this is good.” 

He laughs and turns it up. A groan is pulled from me as the toy sucks a bit harder. My body is writhing and I can’t tell if I want to escape from the toys clutches or grind myself against it. Every part of my clit is being tugged at, massaged to its core. I can tell PS is enjoying the effect the Pro 2 Vibration is having on me, like a weapon of pleasure it bends me to his will. 

I can tell littlegem is enjoying herself, her breathing has changed, her eyes roll back and she swears like a sailor. There isn’t much for me to do other than hold it in the right place and watch. No thrusting in and out or circling rhythmically. So as a couple’s toy it leaves me in quite a passive position. I can however play with the functions and see the expression on gem’s face when I turn it up.

The button is clicked once more and the pressure increases. It feel so fucking good that my eyes start to water, my body is loosing control and it hasn’t even been 10 minutes. My body is squirming around so much that PS is finding it difficult to keep the toy in the right position,

“I should have tied you up to my sex bench.” He remarks as he prises my legs apart to adjust the head of the toy back over my pulsing clit.

But it’s no good, the intense pleasure that the toy is creating is moving my body around too much and the toy has to be flush with skin to feel the waves. PS hands the toy over to me, deciding to would prefer to watch the show and have me masturbate for him.

I click the toy up once more and begin to beg PS to let me orgasm. The effect of the pulsating waves are incredibly intense and consuming on my clit that I feel like it is going to burst open. I need to be allowed to come.

I could deny her orgasm and I’m tempted. Seeing how desperate she is even from such a short build up. But I allow it, after all we need to test how good the orgasms it gives are. Starting from 10 I count her down. Quite quickly to begin with, she looks like she’s about to explode, but slower as I get to 5. 


I’m not going to last until the end of the countdown, I remove the toy from my clit in an attempt to edge myself more effectively. But the waves are so good at their job, the moment I place the head against my clit once my body goes too far to the edge, PS has just made it to 3.   

I can’t describe the noises that erupted from me as the Pro 2 Vibration feistily sucked my orgasm out of me. I am rendered an exhausted mess.

Getting creative

When using the Pro 2 Vibration during some play, PS decided to see what it’s waves would be like against my nipples. I have since looked through the leaflet that came with the toy to see if it was designed to be used in such a way but couldn’t find it in there.

The soft cushion was placed over my nipple, I felt a bit apprehensive. My nipples are very sensitive and usually vibrations are too much for them. The Pro 2 Vibration can just do the pressure waves separate from the vibration function so thought it might work better. The toy was clicked on and I could feel a slight tingle. I clicked the button to increase the power and my nipple responded, the sucking wave enveloping it deeply. The tingle grew inside my nipple and radiated around my breast, as if it was being sucked upon. 

I have not yet experienced a nipple orgasm before but this toy felt as though it got me very close. It is an aim I would like to work towards, just need to have a play around with it some more!  

Vibration VS Pressure Waves

I really really enjoyed the sensation the pressure waves create. The best way I can describe the effect it had on my body is like when PS forces multiple orgasms from me. It was as if the toy was playing with my clit on the inside, all the way down to its roots.

For me a vibrating toy feels very different, it is more on the surface. Even if you pull the skin back and expose your clit a regular vibration doesn’t go too deep. Both feel good, don’t get me wrong, but after a while vibrations make my clit (and hand) go a bit numb. Yes you can keep turning it up but after a while, especially for extended session of play I find my whole body starts to feel a bit shaken up. The Pro 2 Vibration didn’t do this, nothing was actually touching my clit apart from air. 

The Pro 2 Vibration does have a vibration function as well. When you first turn it on, the same button clicks to set the intensity of the pressure waves, adjacent on the same silicone pad to this is the decrease button. On a little island apart from these buttons there is a vibration button. It can be used independently or with the pressure waves. I personally don’t think it adds any value to the toy. As the vibrating part isn’t directly on my clit, it would not be enough to get me off. When it is put on as well as the pressure waves, I can’t tell the difference. I don’t think this is an issue as the pressure waves are amazing all by themselves, I think it’s just a bit of a pointless addition.  

PRO 2 Vibration a close up

Overall Thoughts 

We have played around with this toy a lot, it is incredibly effective at taking a mind blowing orgasm from me. Whilst writing this I clicked the button to check, the wave pressure function has 11 different intensity settings. I don’t think I have made it past 6. Certainly enough scope I would think to pleasure anybodies vulva immensely.

The Pro Vibration look really pretty, I do particularly like the rose gold colour. It is a nice shape, fits smoothly in the hand after a bit of playing around with holding it. Originally I was holding it in my palm, which felt a bit uncomfortable. Holding it like a pen is better for me whilst lying down. Or as I have found, the shape allows it to be wedged in between my legs whilst being penetrated from behind. My thighs keeping it in place as i’m being taken allows for a great hands free experience. 


In the interest of transparency we were sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review. We do not receive any money if you were to click through to their site and purchase one. 

Please check out Masturbation Monday for some more sexy writings. I did ask permission from the wonderful Kayla Lords to link this play/ review as I know it’s not the usual type of entry.

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16 Replies to “Pro 2 Vibration – Clit Heaven

    1. Yes we were sent a few Satisfyer toys to review from them for free. May passed on our details after we reviewed one of their toys for her blog. ? We are having great fun with them.

  1. This is a great review thorough and helpful. It sounds like a great toy too. I haven’t tried one of the suction ones but I have always wanted to and this made me want to even more ?

    1. Aww really, was it not very positive? Yes I am really enjoying it, perhaps the waves aren’t for everyone. It does feel so different.

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