Princess in the Castle

Princess in the Castle, littlegem looks out of a castle

Littlegem and I visited a castle ruins. While inside one of the rooms within I asked littlegem to stay where she was, rushed outside, over the bridge and took another shot. I thought she looked like a princess looking out across the land. Luckily there was very few subjects around.


Princess in the Castle- an outside shot of the castle with littlegem nude in the window

The prompt for Sinful Sunday is ‘one shot two ways’ so thought my princess in the castle from both the views would work well for it.

Sinful Sunday
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41 Replies to “Princess in the Castle

  1. Great concept!! I love both images but am really partial to the inside shot. I love being able to see her whole shape and imagining it’s my Queen waiting for me!

  2. More fabulous outdoor shots – she indeed looks like she is waiting for her prince to rescue her. Now I am wondering if we will ever get any SS shots of u PS!

    1. Thank you ☺. I think I’m best suited behind the camera, besides there’s a few photos of me on our blog, it’s just that gem is a lot more photogenic.

  3. It makes me think of Rapunzel…. and damn this is a truly cracking image. Every week your images delight me


  4. I really love it when the two of you go out for photos, and, that castle looks like the perfect place for a photo shoot. Lovely images!

    Rebel xox

  5. Oh gosh, those pictures are absolutely amazing! I love castle ruins and when still living in Europe I visited many of those! The second picture is definitely my favourite, littlegem is a very beautiful princess! As always, you two set the bar of what great pictures are. Yay!

  6. Another magical location shot, I love it. Like the others, this would make a super writing prompt, it makes me think of my sleeping beauty erotica. Gorgeous creative work both of you x

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