Summer Slumber

Summer Slumber- littlegem asleep in the sun nude

I was not feeling great a couple of weekends ago and to top it off I had really bad period cramps. It was a really sunny day and PurpleSole was out in the garden playing with the kids. Eventually PS tempted me out after I complaining of being very cold, saying the suns warmth might help. He was right, the sun did make me feel a bit better. I was then told that there was a spot on the patio that wasn’t overlooked and I could get naked and have a rest there… if I wanted to. Sceptically I removed my clothes and lay out across the two chairs. The heat hit me and warmed my stomach nicely, I soon drifted into a nice summer slumber.

WARNING: If you do decide to have a summer slumber, remember to put some sun cream on. If not you may end up with some rather pinker areas than you desired.

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