It’s All About the Image

Its All About the Image, Littlegem and I on a beach

When we were asked by Molly to Judge last week’s Sinful Sunday a few months back we were very excited. For me it meant the chance to make another spreadsheet!

I love a spreadsheet, littlegem has one for her weekly routine. It keeps her and I updated on top of the tasks she needs to do. This time I was interested in how different we would judge images. We are quite similar but when it comes to pictures our tastes generally differ. When we create our images usually I will make a selection of edits for us both to choose. Littlegem is more inclined to pick natural looking photos, whereas I like the more creative ones.

Setting the Rules

So I made some rules, because fun isn’t fun without rules. We were each to select 10 entries and rank them,  1st place scoring 10 points, 2nd 9 points, and so on. Think of it like Eurovision. Both littlegem and I were not to discuss our feeling on the entries so not to cause bias. The scores would be combined and the top 5 would make it to the round up, how exciting.

By the time Tuesday came round we both had decided, the results being put onto the spreadsheet. Here’s how the scores played out.

Our of the 37 entries (excluding ourselves) together we chose 14, which means of the 10 we each chose 6 of them were the same. That’s much higher than I was expecting, turns out our tastes are closer than we thought. That said, there is a high variance in points between those that we chose. 

This is where I wish I remember my statistics GCSE to work out the correlation coefficient.

My points are represented in purple (naturally) and littlegem in red.

Its All about the Image: Graph showing points

The Tie breaker

The trouble with choosing strictly 5 images was there was a three-way tie for 4th place. Only two of images could make it, how do we choose which would make it? Ultimately we had to discuss it through and so I feel sorry for Exposing 40, hers was the image that didn’t make it. It was a fun image and I encourage you to have a look for yourself if you haven’t already.


The system worked well, I felt the results were fair and reflected our combined thoughts. We had a lot of fun judging people’s images so would love to do it again. I’ll judge anything you want, photo’s, stories, fashion sense, your dog…


19 Replies to “It’s All About the Image

  1. But now I’d like to know each of the image numbers at the bottom to see which ones your both liked but the other didn’t.
    Love how you worked it out – incredibly fair (and I like fairness)
    Missy x
    Ps thanks for choosing me x x

    1. I was thinking of doing that but i didnt want to name everyone’s image. And you’re most welcome, your image was amazing (as always).

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