Another Level: A Play Analysis

Another Level, Littlegem with electro pads on

There is a theory that during impact play a human will release endorphins in ‘loads’. A constant impact over the course of around 10 minutes will allow the body to reset and take an increased level of intensity. However this theory is discredited due to the complexity of the human brain. Regardless our play has suggested that this interval impact play has a calming, sub-space inducing effect. Littlegem gets into a comfortable mindset, allowing intensity to increase progressively. 

Having also played with the ElectraStim there are similarities between that and impact play. With that in mind, we had an experiment. Using the electric waves over a longer period of time to see how it affects gem. Yesterday she wrote how the experience made her feel.

How We Began

A preliminary test was done, every few minutes the intensity was increased. Gem felt comfortable and relaxed, we made it up to level 27 after about an hour. However it was cut short as the battery ran out. I hadn’t charged it fully before play. The next night we tried again, fully charged and ready to go.

Littlegem is asked to lay on our sex bench on her front. The pads of the ElectraStim are placed on her bottom and inner thighs, this is the position that works best for us. I play some beach sounds to create a relaxing environment. During this time I am touching her to keep a physical connection, keeping a check on her.

Another Level

Why are we doing this? 

I am measuring the intervals between increasing the intensity of the wave level. Littlegem is in control of this, she will tell me when she is ready to go up a level. This was the safest way of doing it as it keeps her in communication with me and doesn’t push her too much. By measuring the intervals I can see the affect endorphins as well as other brain chemicals have on her pain tolerances. This leaves me in a strangely passive position but it is enjoyable to watch. But I do have a notepad, pen and stopwatch to keep score throughout. 

As far as littlegem is concerned she was looking for an enjoyable pleasure/pain experience, so in many ways this is mainly about having fun.

The Beginning

Starting on level 1, I tell her calmly to say when she wants an increase. 

“Up, up, up!”

I hardly have time to write down the intervals. I know she is used to starting at a higher level but within a minute we are up to level 12, so this served as our starting point.

“I was excited and knew exactly the feeling I was waiting for. Asking for the AXIS to be clicked up until I felt a good amount of stimulation. The flesh of my thighs felt the prickles first and as it was turned up the prickle got more sharp but spread out.”

Over the next few levels she begins to slow down her eagerness to go up another one. Each time she does brings an intense moan of pleasure. As expected, as the intensity increases so does the time to take littlegem to get used to it. It has been 45 minutes, by the time we have reached level 22 it takes 9 minutes 59 secs for her to be comfortable enough to move on. It seems like this will be the pattern for the rest of the experiment.

Another Level 

But then strangely the Intervals begin to come down. Littegem becomes used to the feeling, her bottom and thighs are convulsing and she’s still thoroughly enjoying herself. It is at this point she has asked me to stop touching her, only stimulation now coming from the ElectraStim. During this time we had been talking, but this has lessened and I am happy to let her enjoy herself. 

“The waves of electricity driving in so deep into my body that it felt as if I was being entered. Something hard being pressed against my tight hole.”

It has been an hour and a half now, I don’t have a plan when to finish. Littlegem is still having fun and the levels continue to rise. There is no sign of distress so I allow the experiment to continue.

Another Level

The interval times from then on rarely go above 5 minutes. She even catches me out by telling me with 10 seconds of going up to raise it another level. This is where she is chasing her orgasm. She feels on the edge and I can tell. The way she angles her hips looks like she’s gently humping the bench. She is in her own space, not sub-space, but she is focused on her pleasure. The muscles down both her legs are twitching and I can hear her enjoying the experience.

Up and up we go, well past the level 27 record we had set the night previous. I didn’t previously know how high the device would go but it was at this point I found out it was level 50. It had taken over 2 hours to get there, I could have been quicker if I had forced it, but that wasn’t the aim. 

Nothing else to give?

With the ElectraStim on full power and littlegem still on the brink there wasn’t much I could do. Until she suggested sucking my cock. 

“The electric had rendered me slightly disoriented and needy, I just had to feel him inside me. I sucked hard, taking him as deep as I could in my throat.”

Suggested being a polite way of putting it

It had been a while and I was ready for some action. Besides this might be the thing that pushes her over the edge, so who am I do say no. 

Turns out it was a Satisfyer vibrator that would ultimately give her the release she craved. But nevertheless she sucked my cock in a frenzy. I had to hold her head and thrust myself into her just to keep her under control. This is where the battery of the AXIS gave out. 2 and a half hours after we started which isn’t bad considering how high we went. Gem had many orgasms and I filled her mouth with cum. In the end, the result was a pleasant night for both of us. 


The graph below shows the level of intensity over time during the whole experiment. After the initial phase of getting used to the pain her tolerance began to change. It may have taken just short of an hour but after then there was a definite change.

Another Level, A graph showing intensity over time

Littlegem still wants that electric only orgasm. Having been in the edge for so long would make it very intense. I have ideas in mind so I guess we’ll just have to keep trying.

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    1. It is fun, although I’m yet to have a go myself. It is one of those things that is best to try before you buy if you can. It was good that there was a stand at Eroticon.

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