Chasing The Electric Orgasm

Chasing The Electric Orgasm- a close up of littlegem's hand grasping the leather of the play bench.

PurpleSole decided that he was to do an experiment on me. The prospect of this was very exciting, I do like experiments. He had an idea to test the effect of time and electric stimulation to see if there was a correlation with an endorphin release. I also had a secondary task regarding electric orgasm.

Sounds a bit sciencey so far, but most scientific experiments don’t end up in sucking cock and having multiple orgasms. Well not that I know of.

Getting started

PurpleSole and I played a bit with the ElectraStim the night before but the battery had run out part way through. I was somewhat disgruntled and made a remark about being very close to the edge. That made us wonder if it was possible for my body to climax just from electric stimulation. An electric orgasm. With this in mind PS had said that I was allowed to orgasm during the experiment without his countdown. Although usually I am only allowed to orgasm after PS has counted me down, we know it is still possible for me to orgasm without it. This was put to the test a short while ago when PS asked to masturbate one day while he was at work.

We really enjoy using the ElectraStim AXIS and all it’s different functions, but this test was using just the pads and the basic constant wave function. PS placed a couple of pads on each of my butt cheeks and thighs then confirmed I was ready to start. I had been told that I was to ask for the stimulation to increase as soon as I was comfortable. PS had also said that he wasn’t going to tell me the time if I asked or what number output the AXIS was on. This was to stop me from pushing myself too far if I had had enough. I can be a bit competitive with myself and want the ElectraStim to go up as high as possible to beat my previous score.

Poised and ready

I laid on the play table waiting for my skin to start tingling, I was excited and knew exactly the feeling I was waiting for. Asking for the AXIS to be clicked up until I felt a good amount of stimulation. The flesh of my thighs felt the prickles first and as it was turned up the prickle got more sharp but spread out. I could also feel it in my butt now, I usually have it slightly higher on those pads to try and make the sensations more even. PS started to caress my skin, his smooth motions in contrast to the sharp tight feeling on my skin.

As soon as my body adjusted to the sensation I asked for it to be turned up, I had been told to do so after all. But this was different to how we usually played, PS would usually ask me. I found having to ask for this to happen made me feel embarrassed and weird that I was enjoying it. This feeling only amplified as the ElectrasStim got higher and higher, my embarrassment increased.

The muscles on my arse and upper thigh started to dance to the stimulation, I was unable to control them. It also felt as if my flesh was being pulled every time the AXIS increased and I started to feel a sensation on my arse. The waves of electricity driving in so deep into my body that it felt as if I was being entered. Something hard being pressed against my tight hole. I knew that it was not, that it was just the ElectraStim but I focused on the feeling. It felt really good, my groans getting louder. Tilting my hips I found I could alter the pin-point of sensation, moving it to my vagina, arse hole or clit. Could PS tell what I was doing, I felt embarrassed to think about it. What must I look like and him knowing this was turning me on. But then my body adjusted and the white hot needle sensation died down. I tried to compose my voice before asking for it to be turned up. As the electric got higher and higher this became more difficult. 

Chasing the O

I find the feeling of ElectraStim hard to describe, she says writing about how it made her feel… It isn’t pain as such. Well maybe it is a bit to start off with. It almost feels like the sharp pointy side of a knife is caressing you, there is a feeling of cold white intensity. Then a deep force grabs your muscles and plays with them and massages them, pulling this way and that. All consuming and out of your control. With the pads in the position they were this deep rumbling massage could be felt inside my intimate areas.

As the intensity grew I asked PS to stop touching me. His touch started to detract from the electricity rather than compliment it. He was happy to oblige and went from stroking me to just being an observer and of course putting up the stimulation upon request.

I moved my hips into a satisfying position, the impact felt good in my arse. The ache of desire had grown and I felt as if I was on the tip of an anal orgasm. I rocked my hips slightly. Increasing the pulling sensation my butt became rock hard as my muscles tensed involuntarily. But then my body adjusted and the edge became more distant once more. “Turn it up,” my voice becoming more desperate now. PS clicks the buttons simultaneously. A surge of electricity sparks my muscles once more and my hips move out of position from the force.

I carry on in this way chasing the electric orgasm, it seems like forever. But I have no concept of time at this point, I am lost in the electric haze eager to pursue. Clenching my buttocks I push myself against the play table, the fizzing focusing on my clit. “Higher,” I demand and it feels too long before the electricity is increased. The shock pulses through my clit and engulfs it.

“More,” desperate this time for it to increase before my body accepts the new voltage. The needle like pleasure sharpens and I let out a gasp. Bucking my hips I grind myself into the table as much as I can, I’m so close. My heart is racing and I can feel my breathing quicken. I don’t want to lose the pounding waves of the AXIS, “turn it up.” Blinding heat and ice race through my body to my clit. My body is tensed and I realise I am holding my breath. Urging myself to tip over. To give into the electric. But I can’t, it feels elusive. I am caught and held on the cusp of electric orgasm, fighting between pain and pleasure. “Higher please,” I plead, he must hear the whining in my voice. 

I hear the clicking but the rate stays the same. “You are at 50, it doesn’t go any higher.”    

“I need to suck your cock.”

Gasping, the shock of what PS said grounding me slightly. It had never been past 27 before. I put this aside quickly and greedily received PS cock in my mouth. The electric had rendered me slightly disoriented and needy, I just had to feel him inside me. I sucked hard, taking him as deep as I could in my throat. Then slipped my hand between my still electrified thighs, I sought out my clit and rubbed it’s aching core. With my other hand I grabbed at PS’s arse and pulled him forwards, indicating that I wanted him to fuck my face. With a grunt he took up my offering and thrust his hips forwards repeatedly, withdrawing occasionally for me to take a breath. His warm musky skin buried in my face amplified my already excited sex but still the electric orgasm felt just out of my reach. It felt as though I was trapped, the electric seizing my arse and thighs in its delicious tight grip, swollen clit pulsating and hard cock in my throat. Rendering me helpless right before the tipping point with a desperate need to climax.

“I need something. A vibrator.” 

PS grabs the flower vibe from his sex case and I nestle it between my legs. Grinding my hips down and tensing the solid electrified muscles in my arse the best I could, I then take PS’s cock in my mouth once more. Hungrily I feed off him whilst riding the electric waves and vibrations. The concoction immense, the faster I drew him in the further I was pushed. Time was lost once more as my electric orgasm rippled through my entire body and my gasping mouth was filled with PS’s salty fluids. After I had regained my senses and the ElectraStim pads had been removed, I rolled onto my back on the sex bench. My arse and thighs felt as if they weren’t my own, the prickling sensation still flowing inside them. 

But I was not quenched. The build up had been so extensive that I needed more. Picking up the flower vibe I continue to take orgasms from myself, tears streaming down my face the pleasure was so intense. I didn’t care what I looked like to PS, a broken mess. Stopping only when I had exhausted my desires.   


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8 Replies to “Chasing The Electric Orgasm

  1. Wow that was very intense. I was right there with you hoping you’d succeed. It was also very hot. Angus is pushing hard against his bars but that stainless steel is doing its job. No erection for Angus!?

  2. This is so arousing! The anticipation and longing for the orgasm is tangible for me reading it ; I can’t imagine how intense it was for you littlegem!! Wonderful post!

  3. I really enjoy electrostimulation but I also find it difficult to describe. It’s nothing like any other sensation I’ve ever experienced. And it always leaves me wanting more.

    1. Yes that’s very true, luckily there are so many different ways to use the AXIS that PS keeps comming up with new surprises for me to enjoy.

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