Breasts of the Past

Breast of the Past- littlegems lips and hair

My breasts have changed a lot over the last few years, pregnancy and nursing babies having the largest effect. This photo was taken back in November last year when PurpleSole and I had a weekend away in a hotel. We had lots of fun, including a role play of me being a prostitute. The next morning PS took loads of photos but as the morning progressed my breasts were getting a bit over full of milk.

Breasts of the Past- a close up of littlegems side breast and lips

I didn’t like this photo at the time because I think my breasts looked lumpy and engorged, not the most sexy thing in the world. But as time has moved on I now remember those times fondly and sort of miss the fullness of them. I am glad that PS keeps the photos that I don’t necessarily like because it seems to be with added time my opinion can change. It is either that or my change in attitude in what I am happy with sharing.

Happy Boobday, celebrating breasts of all kinds!


15 Replies to “Breasts of the Past

  1. Oh yes I am a big advocate of keeping photos. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken a picture and not liked it but on reflection, sometimes weeks, sometimes months later, I realise my initial reaction was wrong.

    For the record I think your breast looks beautiful in this and the bright splash of red lipsticks with the soft curls of your hair is very sexy


    1. This is a lovely picture …. I regret not taking more pictures. I forgot the camera so many times when we went out. Having them part of a mobile device means it’s much easier now and I’m envious of people with children who are able to capture so much.

  2. This is indeed a beautiful photo. Very sexy!

    I find the same thing happens with me, I might not like a photo right away but that can change with time. ? I suppose time is part of the creative process…

  3. This is a wonderful picture. The angle and way you turn to look at the camera, the nervous mouth and the beautiful engorged breast.

  4. Your breasts look really beautiful! It’s always good to keep your photos as there comes a day that you will like the photo after all, like has happened now πŸ™‚

    Rebel xox

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