Field of View

Field of View, littlegem naked in a field

“I want you to get into that barley field and drop your dress.”

She does as she is commanded.

Sinful Sunday
This photo was taken moments after littlegem provided a Car Polishing Service.
Scavenger Hunt Gold
#12 Crops
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34 Replies to “Field of View

    1. Thank you, we live in quite a rural part of England so you do get some nice views, we’re very fortunate although you need to do a bit of looking to find the best places.

    1. Thank you, It was very quiet and peaceful. It was taken while away for our anniversary and we had a lovely meal out together and spent time on the beach. I’d say she got plenty of rewards that weekend ☺.

  1. I immediately thought of Andrew Wyeth when I saw this photo, he had a model named Siri. I don’t think he ever painted her in a wheatfield, but the red hair and voluptuous figure in grass made me think of them. Nice image.

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