First Class Breasts

First Class Breasts- a close up of littlegem's breasts in black and white with a purple 1st class stamp in the corner of one

I think by now we all know that I can be a bit silly. PurpleSole was attempting to take a photo of me for something. I on the other hand got a bit distracted by some stamps that had been left out from previous card writing. The phrase ‘first class breasts’ popped into my head and in a fit of giggles I had stuck the stamp to myself. PurpleSole gave me that look. You know the one that says ‘I was trying to do something here, please focus’ and snapped a photo of my silliness. It can’t just be me that gets that look?

Littlegem's breasts with a red first class stamp stuck to one in the corner

I liked the original photo, which I thought I would include above. But thought a pretty purple stamp would be much better so edited it.

I thought Friday Boobday would be the perfect place for our photo of me being silly. Take a look at everyone else first class breasts!


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