Future Self

Future Self, A trophy with gem topless behind

“Hello, sorry to disturb you”

“Who are you?”

“I’m from 2019, you, but from the future woohooo”

“Why are you doing that with your arms?”

“Sorry, thought it was funny. So you’re 15 year old me right?”

“Yeah, how can you tell?”

“The long hair, the angst on your face and you have your hand down your trousers still.”

“Anyway, why are you here?”

“I’m here to enlighten you about your future, do you remember that note you wrote about the future?”

“What, this one?”

“Yeah, what does it say on it?”

“It says ‘things I want to achieve’, then a list of life goals.”

“Ok then, what’s first?”

“First thing it says is get a girlfriend.”

“Oh how tragic. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Once you finish high school it’ll get better on that front.”

“So you have a girlfriend?”

“Oh much better than that. You’ll meet someone when your 16, you’ll be friends to begin with but then it’ll get more serious. She’s now my wife.”

“I wrote here that the person you marry should make you happy and be sexually compatible.”

“Did you really write that?”

“Yeah, you should know. Anyway, does she?”

“Oh more than you can imagine. I’m her Dom and we do all sorts of crazy things. You know you have that thing about butt plug tails?”


“Well let’s just say you’ll be more than happy in the future. She’s into all sorts of perverted things. Ok, let’s have a look at this list and see what else is on it…

Become a racing driver, well that didn’t work out. But I think you know that wasn’t going to happen.

Find a job that doesn’t make you miserable, is this because of how upset mum used to get? Don’t worry both of you are fine.”

“So what do you do then, other than work?”

“Well myself and my.. your.. our partner? have a website with a blog about our life.”

“A blog? Isn’t that for pretentious wankers?”  

“You’d think that but no, everyone is lovely. Even been to see a few of them and they are all warm and welcoming. Trust me they treat you with more respect than most people.”

“So do you earn money for doing this?”

“Hahaha, you’re funny, do you really think people would pay to read stuff like this? But seriously no we do it because it is fun. Don’t forget how important that .”

“You’ve pretty much done everything on my list. But what do you want to do when you’re older?”

“Well, I haven’t really thought about it. I’m happy where I am right now. As long as I’m still fun”.

“Hello, I’m you from 2029, I’m from the future wooohoo”

“Stop that, we did that joke.”

“Oh sorry I’ll come back in a few years, carry on.”

“It’s great that we have the blog to discuss our life. It’s nice to look back at the words and pictures and see how far I’ve come.”

“Can I see the pictures?”

“No, you can wait, but you won’t be disappointed. Just get through the next few years and you’ll be fine.”



14 Replies to “Future Self

  1. Way to go guys! I love this – Now looking into the future! got my crystal ball – did u know i am psychic? ask Violet or Molly- anyway – Looking into the future, don’t forget me when you two have the top sexblog – remember I raved about u at the start!!

    1. I did see your psychic powers on Twitter lol. Don’t know the lottery numbers for next week do you? Don’t worry we won’t forget what you’ve done for us, although I don’t ever see us being a top blog.

  2. So first things first … this made me laugh out loud, very funny and a great share for #F4TFriday. Second things second …Don’t see yourselves ever being a Top Blog? I beg to differ! You’ve got tons of potential here and two of you behind the wheel (maybe the blog is the race car you never knew you had :p), like May I absolutely think your blog could be anything you want it to be, including Top of the top! x

    1. That’s very flattering, thank you. That’ll give me a nice boost to finish my week.

      Yes doing it together makes writing a lot easier so we can lean on each other. I can get a bit competitive sometimes so the race car analogy isn’t far off.

  3. This is absolutely perfect. Did you really make a list when you were 15, and did it really say that the person you marry should make you happy and be sexually compatible? That’s so sweet and hilarious! I loved the Woohoooo too. This made me laugh and it was a great way to use the prompt!

    1. Thank you ? yes I did really make that list and I planned to get married and have certain parts of my life mapped out. The only thing I’m not sure on is my exact age, but it was around then.

  4. What a fun post this is! I love how the two ‘you’s’ are talking to each other! And, I have to second both May and Floss, your blog definitely has the potential to be top of the top. Just keep doing what you’re doing!

    Rebel xox

  5. This is fantastic, I absolutely love the humour and the wonderful sense of happiness and contentment you were able to report back to your 15 year-old self. Great work ? ? ?

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