Climax- 32 Days of Orgasm Denial

Climax- 32 Days of Orgasm Denial- littlegem laying on the sex bench with her legs bound apart and a wand pressed to her clit.

If you wanted to catch up on how the orgasm denial affected me along the way before the ultimate climax, first read: Denied Orgasms and Orgasm Control Continued.

Final Days

PurpleSole had decided that the 32 days of denial were enough, so I would definitely be made to come at the end of them. It would be Wednesday evening, play would commence at 8:30-ish as long as the children were settled in bed. He had confirmed this with around 5 days remaining and having the end point set in stone had an effect on me. It consumed me entirely, 5 days of not being able to focus on much else.

Well I still got the chores done and looked after the kids but I was constantly reminded but not just by PurpleSole this time. My mind just kept flicking back to the impending climax which was an instant switch to being horny. No matter what I was doing I was not safe from my mind and it’s constant reminders. The relentless ache was tormenting me and I was counting down the days until I could finally climax.

PurpleSole still had his hand in aiding to my torture. He still messaged me whilst he was at work teasing me. With a few days to go I did start to get agitated by being turned on. Every time I was played with, had sex with and then finished with no orgasm I would have a tantrum. Sobbing that he couldn’t just ‘stop now’ and starting a full argument why the climax date should just be brought forward. My responses to PurpleSole becoming somewhat brat-ish until I finally cracked. I gave in to the feelings and accepted my fate.

“I’m so horny Master, it’s difficult to ignore the constant ache,” I messaged PurpleSole out of the blue.

“You’ve been a good girl to get this far. Maybe I can relieve some of your symptoms for a little bit tonight.”

That was another problem, It was fine whilst I was being touched, it quenched the thirst. But once the touching stopped it flooded back. Worse than before.

“What if you were sucking my cock, worshipping it and being a good little girl for me, would that distract you?”

“Yes Master.” My reply, I had been subdued for now.


On my schedule for this week an additional task had been assigned with a two point possibility. ‘Prepare for Wednesday night’. We had decided that I was to prepare myself for the big event in the same way I would for an inspection. As I also didn’t know the details of what PurpleSole had in mind for my climax I wanted to be thorough.

I used hair remover cream ‘downstairs’ a couple of days prior, even with hair removal cream I still get a slight irritant rash so wanted to make sure it would be gone in time. I made sure my armpits and legs were shaved and no hairs missed, PS likes me as smooth as possible.

A part of the evenings play that was divulged as a possibility was being of it being filmed, so I put on make-up that evening just in case. For any photos or filming I feel more comfortable if I have make up on, I don’t usually bother for any other play apart from when I’m puppy.

Another thing I did that is not a regular part of play is I cleaned out. We have a small anal bulb meant for this purpose. It’s not something I will usually do before anal play as mostly it’s not scheduled, most anal is a fun and in the moment thing for us. But if I am aware it will happen I do like to be clean. I kind of like the feeling of the water being squirted inside as well.   

Play Time

I walked into the living room and PS directed me to stand in front of him. My day collar was removed and replaced with my play collar. Putting nerves aside I glanced around the room. It had been transformed by PS as I was getting ready. The sex bench was in the middle of the room, some tables beside it. Upon the tables lay an assortment of pleasure items, the wand and glass dildos being some of the various items. They were lined up neatly and in grabbing distance for PS. He then told me to get on the bench, I felt a tingle of excitement my stomach.

Hopping onto the bench I noticed the purple rope on the floor, ‘so I will be tied down’ I thought to myself. Laying down on the faux leather bench, the cold of the material hitting my back. I stare at the ceiling a bit as PS delicately wraps the rope first around my upper arms, out of the corner of my eye I first glimpse the camera perched on the hearth of the fireplace. Smiling to myself I answer PS questions checking in on me, making sure the rope is firm but not too tight. My legs are them bound and affixed to the bench spread wide open, revealing my wet and wanton sex to PS. There’s no escape.     

My eyes are closed as PS massages my body, my skin alive to his touch. He uses his hands as well as the many implements to tease me, edge me. Taking me further and further into myself, a place filled with no concerns but the feeling pleasure. Many times he brought me to the edge to then slow the pace, holding me there at the cusp of climax.

I feel his hand brush past my ear, opening my eyes I look over and see his phone resting on the bench next to me. Realising then that he is recording every gasp, moan and groan I make. My face flushes at this knowledge, a flicker of curiosity as to the purpose of recording me in this way. Knowing that I wouldn’t be given the satisfaction of answer I close my eyes again. Submerging myself back into the feeling of PS working my vulva with the length of the glass dildo.

Working Up To Climax

My body tenses in a familiar way, I plead for PS to stop. The sex blanket is down so it doesn’t matter but I always resist. My legs are bound wide open so I can’t shut them to dampen the effect. He ignores me and continues to rub the bulbous end of the glass dildo against my g-spot. Squirming and twisting my body I try pointlessly to get away, ignore the inevitable. Then there’s a sploshing noise as my pent up body squirts. I am still yet to orgasm.

For around an hour PS had been playing with me, edging me. I didn’t know if there was some sign that he was looking for, to let me orgasm or if he was just enjoying the torment. He had selected the wand from the table. On a normal day I can be brought to orgasm in minutes with the wands power, it’s vibrations just so strong against my clit. How ever was I to last right now?

PS turned the wand to its lowest settings and slowly started to caress it against me. Already I was writhing on the table, my clit feeling though it would explode. The vibrations continued and my clit began to accept their predictable non-stop wave. My body settled, simmered back to a relaxed enjoyable state. At that point PS turned it up and the cycle started again, this time PS withdrawing the head of the wand if I was threatening to tip over the edge of climax.

He worked on me this way until the wand setting seemed to be higher than it had ever been before. I never confirmed if this was in fact true, but it felt that way. My clit repeatedly swollen to bursting point, greedy for more intense vibration and then calmed again. I twisted and pulled at my restraints. The sound of the heavy metal O rings the rope was attached to clinking, ringing in my ears.

“I think you are ready now. Do you want me to count you down?” My head was flooded with pleasure and couldn’t piece together what I had just been asked. “We can stop right now if you want?”

My only response was a disjointed laugh and groan of “no”.

The countdown

10- The heat is starting to rise in my body

9- My body is tense

8- Pulling at the ropes that hold me

7- Your voice takes hold of me

6- Taunting me

5- I’m so close

4- It’s built up to breaking point

3- I can’t stop it now

2- Talk faster, I need this

1- My body explodes, my muscles tense as the orgasm rips through me

My body feels like it has been taken over, the climax has me in it’s grip and refuses to let go. Surging through my body it feels like forever. A waves pulsing through me.

At last it lets go but I feel it’s not enough. I want more, my body needs more. PS had planned for this, he pressed the wands vibrating head back against my clit. Building me back up he forces orgasm, asking for more than I thought I was able to give. My body felt numb yet alive. My ears ringing from the buzz of the vibrator. Tears stinging my eyes. I beg him to stop, I can’t take it anymore.

“Just one more.” He asks of me.

Surely there is nothing left, my body felt drained of everything, spent. But it complied and he drew a couple more final orgasms from me in short bursts.


The orgasms were amazing. But orgasms are right? I won’t lie and say they were the best I have ever experienced, 32 days all rolled into one. That isn’t the point of denial though. Not the reason why both PS and I enjoyed this so much. It is the control PS had over me in denying me. So do I feel like I want to be denied forever, no, I still want to have orgasms. Orgasms are great. But denial is something PS will continue to use to control me. We have talked extensively throughout the 32 days and have decided currently that PS will have the final say. He has had control of my orgasms for a while but was easy to manipulate, giving in to my begging and letting me come. Now he will hold strong, realising his enjoyment in doing so. He will let me orgasm but only when HE decides to.

PurpleSole: I thought I would push some boundaries for littlegem so had the idea of recording audio snippets of her during the play and adding the countdown to her climax to her post. I have cut it at the point of orgasm, just to give you a taste of littlegem’s denial.

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14 Replies to “Climax- 32 Days of Orgasm Denial

  1. I certainly feel denied! I could feel myself tensing with her as you counted down and how unfair that don’t allow us to hear the final climax! This was so interesting to read and I commend gem on her ability to stick with it. I would have been a terrible bratty mess!

    1. *hides* im unable to comment on the audio section as it’s very embarrassing lol. I was very bratty near the end, especially when PS would come after sex and I hadn’t!

  2. I’m glad you got to the end of the session with a satisfying ending….

    I’m glad denial isn’t something we plan to explore… I like orgasms lots of them!! Sexy audio btw ?


  3. I love how this works for you guys and it has been amazing to hear your thoughts and feelings over this period of denial. It is a kink that just doesn’t really work for me but I can totally appreciate how it does for you two


  4. 32 days… 32 DAYS!!? My version of orgasm denial goes,

    Sub: “May I come, Master?”

    Me: “No.”

    Sub (about three minutes later): Please may I come, Master?”

    Me: Right, come for Master, NOW!”

    I’ve never experimented with longer denial than that sort of thing.

    But… that post is full of ideas.

    And beautifully written!

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading the bits of this I have been able to catch. And this was a very sexy countdown to the end! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  6. I love that just knowing that the end was near could switch your thoughts and body to arousal mode. Imagining myself in your place on that last day, I know how quickly and efficiently ALL preparations would be done to make sure nothing stood in the way of that final climax. Also, I love this picture and if you ever want to submit it as a MM prompt, it will definitely be welcome!

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