Learning from a Mistake

Learning from a mistake, a collection of photos

I like to experiment. There can be many ideas running through my head at any one time. They travel out of my brain as quickly as they enter. I find myself writing my ideas down to help me remember. Usually they relate to play.

It can all sound so good in my head, the way it works, the pleasure that will be had. Maybe I make the mistake of thinking it will all go so well. It would be remiss of me not to try some of my crazy ideas though. How else would I know if it works or not. Trial and error, some ideas work, others don’t. For example an electric breast pump on the clitoris can be very pleasurable I’m told.

But when you try new ideas it’s fun. You learn about each other, fantasies, desires, tolerances. It’s about taking it to the edge, pushing the boundaries of what is pleasurable. What makes the experience better is that we are doing it as a couple, we enjoy the play that works, we laugh together at the times that don’t. The fiery burn of ginger in gem’s bottom was great for her but anything with a minty tingle is a no go.

It may just come down to personal preference but you simply don’t know until you try.

The Not So Perfect Picture

When we started our blog I perhaps foolishly decided that we should only use our photos, rather than stock ones. It leads to an interesting extra discussion, what picture can we use for this post?

This led to taking odd photos, a bar of soap in our bathroom, the engine of my car and a sexy shot of some milk.

I regret not taking more photos when we were younger. We’ve been together over 10 years, but there are years of our life unrecorded. I’m making up for it now though. There are thousands of pictures on our computer. Organising them all is a nightmare. So many different angles of the same shot, I keep almost all of them just in case. Occasionally the photos that you didn’t mean to take can be refreshed post editing and turn into an enjoyable image.

This does seem to be my technique, take so many photos so that one may be taken okay. The ol’ monkeys and typewriters trick. It has been the area where I feel we have improved most. We aren’t photographers but feel like we have learnt a lot, especially as we have taken a lot of our photography outside.

Littlegem’s Mistake

A few weeks ago littlegem and I were talking about denial. In particular the increased submission she feels when she is denied.

“Well then how long do you think you could be denied for?” I asked.

“I don’t know, a month, no wait, like a week” She replied.

Too late, you’ve said it now.

There are times when she feels saying this was a mistake. I took what she said very literally, mainly to see what would happen. To see if I was capable of controlling her in this way. She can get very needy and desperate, I love how it affects her. Those mini tantrums because she’s so close but isn’t to go over the edge.

This week is the final week. The increased submission is occasionally replaced with a horny rage or desperate messages to me at work about how much she wants to come. But it won’t be long, she will finally get her release. By the time you read this she may finally get what she craves.

She may not have meant to say it, or perhaps didn’t think I would go through with it. But we’re both glad that we got there, pushing both our dominant and submissive states of mind.

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8 Replies to “Learning from a Mistake

  1. I do exactly what you do with photos – take odd ones – you never know when they will come in handy. I do use stock ones at times but usually search through my files for an appropriate one to go with a post. That’s what i did this WW. The woman in my story had a white slip on – so I found one of me that looks like it could be a white slip.
    And I love your photographs so keep on taking lots.
    Made me laugh about gem saying a month instead of a week – but it has been interesting to read about how she has coped with that.
    Thanks for joining in guys x

    1. Thank you, yes you end up creating your own stock images which is fun to look through. We will certainly be taking more, need some nice weather though..

  2. Interesting post PS…. I made a similar mistake yesterday…. not about orgasm denial, but I made the mistake of being cheeky, MrH was cooking tea and I was getting in the way and he said something like, “do you mind I’m cooking tea!” And I said “you’re not doing a good job are you?”

    I was taken to the table and my bottom smacked ….. hard.

    I was sooo tempted to say something else cheeky cos I kinda liked it ??

  3. We always take loads of extra pictures too but don’t have that many on the sites as most are stock ones. It seems that gems mistake worked out this time for both of you and I have enjoyed reading about it. Great post ?

  4. I think the photo plan is a great one to have from the outset. I didn’t have that plan and am now in the process of trying to swap out a lot of stock photos for ones of me, had I known then what I know now I would have started it all from the beginning. As for Little Gem’s mistake, well, I’m thoroughly enjoying reading about that one is turning out! Thank you both for sharing that journey with us and of course for sharing this post for F4TFriday 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes I’m kinda glad we did it too, but I have put off some prompts simply because what on earth would the picture be. I did see your comment before and I like that you’re enjoying it. Makes for quite the power trip.

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