Layers- littlegem bent over a desk revealing her lace knickers, patterned tights and her bum

This photo was taken at Eroticon and I like it because of the layers of clothing it reveals and what it might reveal about me. It is the outfit I wore for one of the evening social events and although it is a combination I love, it’s not one I had worn before or even since.

I have always had reservations about how I dress. Don’t get my wrong when I was a teenager I wore incredible short flowing skirts that could be lifted in a slight puff of breeze. So it’s not that I was worried about showing off flesh. More that I would be judged if I didn’t wear the ‘right’ clothes. Look how everyone else did or how I was perceived by people.

Teens can be incredible cruel and I was certainly not part of the ‘in’ crowd. I have many memories of being bulled for little things that made me different so overtime I just stopped being me. Dropped those parts of me that made me different and tried to fit in.

Old habits die hard I suppose and although I am a big girl now and not surrounded by immature teens, it’s hard to shake insecurities. I am lucky that PurpleSole has always accepted me and my many layers for who I am and has never tried to change me. Blogging and being part of such an open and accepting community is amazing and certainly is helping as well.

Going to Eroticon was such a big step for myself and PurpleSole and it really felt in our own way we were putting ourselves out there, so to speak. But before we went I knew that it would be a welcoming and accepting place. From the wonderfully nice comments that we have received from members in the community, to blogs we read that are so relatable. We had a good feeling. So I took the risk and wore this outfit and i’m glad I did. Not only did we get some nice photos, I felt like myself.

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Lingerie is for everyone

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  1. This looks like an incredibly sexy outfit! I love corsets, and stockings, so you totally got me there! Very beautiful! And I am glad that you were able to feel good about yourself at Eroticon!

  2. The photo is VERY sexy – sometimes the packaging can be really gorgeous but it is know what is underneath that is really the sexy bit. x

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