Orgasm Control Continued

Orgasm Control- A close up of littlegems's breast, her nipple being pulled taught.

PurpleSole decided that I was to be denied an orgasm for a month. You can read about how this orgasm control started during our speculum play and my update after just over a week of denial.


How Long Now?

It has been just over 3 weeks since I have had an orgasm. To make things worse PS has added a day onto my denial as a punishments. No, I didn’t touch myself without his knowledge. It was a small crime in which I think PS really just wanted to make me squirm more with the punishment. One of our rules is that I am not to start eating until PS has taken his first bite. A way of him asserting his Dominance over me. Usually I am good at following this one but I slipped up at dinner time the other day. Greedily eating a forkful first without realising it.

“I think you need a further lesson on waiting, don’t you *sub name*. That will be another day you will have to control yourself and not orgasm.”

Whats another day, right? When I will have already waited 31, 1 more is nothing…. grumble.

Effects Of Orgasm Control

It’s not a permanent state of arousal that I am feeling. More that I am easily reminded and simultaneously turned on. A touch of my leg, a certain look from PS, waking up in the morning** they all make me instantly wet now. At that point I have an ache in my clit that spreads to my lips, telling my brain that something needs to be done to remedy it. To quench the built up thirst. Interestingly, If PS asks me before he has touched me “How about I make you orgasm now,” my reply would be negative, I want to wait. After or during though is a different matter.

Sexual stimulation helps the ache, when in the moment feeling my clit being rubbed and sucked, my nipples being pulled and my holes penetrated hard. It all helps. But once the fun has stopped the need is just greater. Like a beast has been unleashed inside me. An overwhelming greed for an orgasm consumes me and I would do anything just to be touched a bit more. Just a little more sucking, I won’t come honest. Just a bit more. Please, just fuck me again.

Rub It In

I have fallen under PS’s spell with orgasm control. He could make me do almost anything he wanted. Perhaps this has helped my submission feel greater as well. I find I am questioning him a lot less, but they haven’t stopped completely.

“Well you are incredibly wet *sub name*. I think it is time for you to suck my cock.”

Eagerly I comply, lying my head back to receive his hard cock. We have just got into bed, I was tired but now that feeling has gone. The fire inside me is burning hot again.  

My hand finds the flesh of his arse and grasps it. The understood sign that I want him to fuck my face. He does so with force, I can feel him pushing into my throat. I gag a little. He withdraws slightly so I can take a breath. Only for a short moment before he thrusts back in. Or did I bury my face onto him. It all happens so quick. My lust for him, wanting to pleasure his cock further.

The drool escaping from my lips just reminds me of my wet cunt. Both embarrass me, both a sign of my neediness. He continues to face fuck me, I can smell the musk of his skin as it’s being forced against my head. The salty taste of his cock diluted with my ample saliva. My throat tightens once more, I swallow to try and control it but another gag swells. Gasping for breath as he withdraws his cock, I look up at him. Tears moist still against my face. The thought of what I must look like doesn’t enter my head, I only have one thing on my mind and he knows it.

Removing the chain from the cuff on my ankle, PS then rolls a condom on to his glistening cock. In one swift movement he throws his body on top of me and slips himself inside me.

“Well that went in easily.” He whispers in my ear.

I barely hear him as I’m already groaning. Grinding my hips against him, bucking my body up so he is deep inside me. Already I feel so close. As if an orgasm has been building for some time and is on the verge of escaping.

PS slides his hand between our bodies and goes to touch my clit. I shield it with my thigh and whine. “I’m too close, you will make me orgasm.” Instead I offer him my breast, moving my shoulder up so my nipple is close to his lips. He takes it in his mouth and toys with it for a bit. Using his tongue to circle around the sensitive skin. Then his mouth engulfs my nipple and breast, sucking hard. My back arches voluntarily, pushing my breast against his face. The prickling feeling of the suction on my nipple and the stiff cock fucking me are an amazing combination. Moaning my pleasure, PS releases my nipple. “Don’t you dare orgasm, you know you are to wait at least a month.”

“What do you mean at least,” I manage in between grunts of now interrupted bliss.

Ending In Sight

PurpleSole has now mentioned a few times “at least a month” with the added, “You know this has been so much fun for you, I might make you wait longer.” Agreed orgasm control has, so far, been an immense amount of fun. It is enjoyable being so needy, so ready for PS. We are having a lot more penetrative sex as well. But I really want to have an orgasm and may risk insanity if I am left too much longer. I am sort of curious to see during sex if PS was to start the orgasm countdown whether I would orgasm at 1 without any stimulation due to being so desperate.      

**Notation for above. Writing about wanting an orgasm, also makes me really turned on and want an orgasm.

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11 Replies to “Orgasm Control Continued

  1. I am really glad that you are getting so much from the orgasm denial. It’s not something we have done but reading your post does make me wonder. missy x

    1. Thanks missy, yeah annoyingly it’s really helping me feel more submissive. I’m simultaneously enjoying and hating being denied lol.

  2. Interesting post…. it hasn’t been something we’ve done. Usually no sex makes me disconnected but perhaps that’s because it is no contact at all rather than MrH still having fun but I’m not to orgasm… on the other hand there have been times when I really was so achy and horny that I didn’t sleep all night…. and considering there was no orgasm control in place I could have masturbated without censure but at that time I had never done so with MrH in the room….

    I hope the experience continues to be fun for you both and when you get to the end of your 32 days you have a fabulous orgasm ?

    1. Yeah it certainly wouldn’t have had the same effect if I wasn’t edged everyday almost, reminded and taunted by PS. It is his control of my excruciating frustration that ultimately turns me on. He still has orgasms and takes me probably more than we would have befire. I think denying me is positively affecting his Dom mindset too.

      I am literally counting down the days, if PS changes his mind I think I will cry lol.

  3. I won’t lie, I grinned from ear to ear reading this and it isn’t because I want anyone denying my orgasms, but oh the joy I found in imagine being the denier! You describe your denial so deliciously, it 100% makes me want to tell Bakji there will be no orgasms :p x

  4. I loved reading this, littlegem. I’ve never had my orgasms controlled – I don’t think I could do it, but I’m fascinated by it, and can totally see how it enhances your submission. Good luck ?

    1. Thank you. Yes I think it’s not something anyone could do if they didn’t really want to, it’s taking a lot of will power. I’m literally counting down the days, it is sort of consuming my mind now.

  5. We haven’t really done orgasm denial, but there is always a countdown. I can see how just writing this post will have aroused you. I think the orgasm you have at the end of this is going to be pretty mind blowing!

  6. The pain and the glory of orgasm control…I remember it well. Fingers-crossed it’s only 31 days and you get a massive orgasm when it’s over. 🙂

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