Boardwalk Bottom

Boardwalk Bottom- littlegem standing on a boardwalk with her dress lifted so you can see her bottom.

Some more nice weather brings photo fun for PurpleSole and I. PS snapped this photo on a recent walk down a long boardwalk, it went across a fen down to a river. I took the opportunity to flash my bum for PS. Really I think he just wanted to take a nice photo of the scenery.

River off the boardwalk.

Neither of the photos has been altered or edited. Taking this into consideration, I still think the one with my bum looks so much nicer!


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35 Replies to “Boardwalk Bottom

  1. A great bum and fits the scenery well ? Since you are saying that PS just wanted to photograph the scenery, should this be called… photobumming?

    That’s what makes the first pic so mesmerizing…I’ve already taken second, third, and more looks at it 🙂
    Your bum and those stockings are awesome !!

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