Comfy In Summer Silk

Comfy In Summer Silk- a close up of littlegem's chest. she is wearing a red silk night dress that has a mesh panel showing her cleavage. Around the edges are embroidered flowers

The Prompt for Lingerie is for Everyone this week is ‘comfy is cute’.

Well I don’t know about cute but comfy for me equals evening time. A chance to relax, unwind and maybe some sexy play. Depending on the mood I am in and what time of the year it is, comfy translates as something different.

Comfy In Summer Silk- A photo of littlegem wearing a red silk night dress with a mesha panel exposing her cleavage.

It has been really sunny and hot here recently, so evening free time I have been wearing silk night dresses. PurpleSole doesn’t like the word night dress, I think it conjures images of frumpy sleep wear in his mind. After googling the night wear words, honestly I can’t tell the difference between half of them. So if it’s a negligee, chemise, nightdress or whatever. I like the silky feel of the light fabric on my skin and that its fitted but not too tight. Not only is it comfy to wear but it makes me feel comfortable in myself, I like how it looks and how I look in it.

I think the prompt should be repeated in the winter time, it would be interesting to see how everyone’s idea of comfort changes, or not. Mine would involve woollen thigh high socks!

To have a look at everyone’s comfy lingerie, check out this weeks Lingerie is for Everyone.


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15 Replies to “Comfy In Summer Silk

  1. That is super pretty and it looks wonderful on you. My house is really cold so I am in cosy PJ’s all year round, lol. I brave the chill though and taken them off to take photos for the blog :p

  2. This is gorgeous! My winter comfy is a giant zip up onesie with a hood and bulky wool socks. I do think you’re right that this prompt needs to be repeated in the winter, because temperature certainly plays a role in both comfort and cuteness.

  3. That is a very beautiful item indeed, you look incredibly sexy in it. To my mind I would call it a negligee and it is really interesting how words can totally conjure up a different meaning in someones mind, a bit like pants and knickers and panties all make different people think of different things


  4. This is a very sensuous item of clothing and I can see how it is comfortable too, but the way it skims your curves and displays so much cleavage – well it screams sexy to me!

  5. Just so sexy and elegant! I love wearing something in bed occasionally. Not permitted most of the time lol

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