Full Metal Racket: ElectraStim Play

Full Metal Racket: Littlegem attached to electrodes

While at Eroticon this year we were very excited by the ElectraStim stand. During a demonstration of the AXIS I was intrigued by a function that uses the input of music, converting it into stimulating waves. Having splashed out on some of their products afterwards I was keen to try an experiment. We were told that the function works best with R’n’B or Heavy Metal. Now, I’m not an R’n’B fan but heavy metal is my jam so I really liked the idea of mixing my love of music and kink together. I also like experiments, so with without further ado I present:

An Experiment into the effects of Rock and Metal music on Littlegem’s Bottom

Attach the pads onto your victim subject’s bottom. Plug an ipod (or other music playing device) into the ElectraStim, set to ‘Line In’ and you’re ready. However there is a catch, you can’t hear what is going on. It is strange how there is no noise when using an ElectraStim. To remedy this I bought a jack splitter, one plug going to the AXIS, the other to a speaker. Now the music can be heard as well as felt.

Full Metal Racket: Ipod, Electrastim and speaker connected

I created a playlist beforehand, a list that would range from the softer / classic rock up to some really heavy metal. Littlegem was laid down on our bench comfortably and would be conversed with during the whole play / experiment. The following are some the songs we listened to.

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused (Classic Rock)

I lay in anticipation to feel the warm buzzing on my skin. As this is the first few songs that PS has chosen the ElectraStim is on a fairly low setting. The song starts off quite low and slow, so the same with the electric. Asking PS to turn it up slightly, I then begin to feel a tickling on my skin. It’s a nice warm up, feeling the sensations start to dance across my bottom and thigh. It leaves me wanting more.     

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Glam Rock)

I love this song. Throughout moments of our relationship together we have heard this song. The two most memorable being hearing it live at Download Festival, a sea of mobile phones and lighters swaying to the music. This was also the song for the first dance at our wedding. Amazing memories, that always make me smile. Feeling the music was upping those memories a notch.  

Apocalyptica – Hall of the Mountain King (Neoclassical Metal)

I think this song worked the best with the Axis. The cellos are played softly to start off with, the prickling on my skin rising as the pace quickens. As the tempo increases the prickling electric dances further into my skin, spreading out over my thigh and burying itself in. Although the pads are not near it, the reverberations make my pussy lips quiver. The feeling is strong and deep. But as quick as it happens, the tempo changes. Subduing the electric down to a soft haze. The build up and drop down throughout the song is incredible to feel.

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage (Disco Rock)

Throughout the different songs played I asked for the stimulation to be put up. What has been felt before becomes the norm, my body needs more. I usually have the two pads on my bum slightly higher (by a couple of notches) than the ones on my thigh so that they feel a similar amount. I’m assuming the padding on my bottom extracts from some of the stimulation.

Electric Six was interesting to feel, although it’s not heavy music. The bass is quite constant. For the ElectraStim this translates into a more constant effect of the stimulation. Which don’t get me wrong is great, just not as effective with the ‘Line In’ mode the AXIS was on. The constant throbbing of electricity through my butt and thigh really did leave me wanting more.

(Unlike the title of the song there is minimal danger when using this product as they adhere to European General Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment (EN60601-1 and section 2.10 for nerve and muscle stimulators)).

Lacuna Coil – To the Edge (Gothic Metal)

After asking for the ElectraStim to be turned up again I was ready to go to the next song. What I like about turning it up is the initial needle like sensation that spreads across my skin. As the stimulation gets higher and more powerful as the music plays on the feeling becomes like an cold line shooting across my bum. What once was a warm feeling becomes ice. I find it’s a similar feeling to the tip of a knife pressing down on your flesh, something I quite enjoy feeling.

Lacuna Coil has a female vocalist and I was interested to see if there was much difference. Not too much as it turns out. We also played Evanescence, but it probably the volume of the instruments that make more of a difference.

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff (Nu Metal)

This where the heavier music starts to kick in, this song being a particular favourite of mine. Littlegem has asked for the pads to be turned up a bit more and I can hear her squealing as the cadence of the song shifts from quiet to loud. This turns out to be a good song for stimulation.

Throughout the music playing play and the electricity coursing over my skin, PS is touching me. Not anywhere too intimate. A stroke down my back, a caress over my bottom. The feeling of his soft skin touching mine so delicately, at the same time as the icy tendrils of electric surging over me, really heightens the sensitivity of my skin and the sensuality of his touch.   

Linkin Park – Faint (Rap / Metal)

I picked this song because it has a strong male vocal, but the music is also quite jumpy, especially during the chorus. During this song gem has got onto all four’s to try a different position. Which was great, but one of the pads started to peel. The music was paused, gem laid back on her front and we continued.

I am a bit cautious about those pads coming off whilst the ElectraStim is on. It has happened before and all the electricity is focused onto one small remaining surface area of pad touching my skin. Very intense and a bit shocking. What is interesting though is when the unit is turned up fairly high, that feeling of a pad threatening to be ripped off is there all the time. The intensity of the metal music coupled with the setting of the unit certainly carries that affect more.

Machinehead – Aesthetics of Hate (Groove Metal)

This is probably the first song gem didn’t know, it is by far the loudest so far. So much so that the bars dictating how much stimulation is being given max out. It’s no longer an up and down but a constant. I have to turn the volume down a smidge to see movement again.

Slipknot – Psychosocial (Heavy Metal)

This song makes both of gem’s legs quiver at the same time. It’s funny hearing her try to sing while stifling squeals. I am checking in on her as we continue, making sure she wants to increase the stimulation before doing so.

Sepultura – Refuse/Resist (Death Metal)

Gem is making more of a groaning sound now, her bottom is getting quite tired. I reassure her that there isn’t long to go. The song is loud and heavy, getting a positive reaction.

Slayer – Raining Blood (Thrash Metal)

I don’t want the music to stop and the electricity to end but I was slightly relieved to hear it was the last song.

At this point my bum had been vibrating and muscles twitching so much that my skin felt like it was moving before the song had started. It’s like it was doing it’s own dancing warm up in preparation. This all is fabulously sexy to feel, but wow it’s quite the energy drain.

The final song, Littlegem asks for a final increase of the stimulation levels before the music kicks in. She puts her hand on the pads thinking they are peeling off, they aren’t. The mixture of guitars and double bass drum create a mix of screams and squeals, which I love. The playlist ends, littlegem can now slowly get up and collapse on the sofa. A touch tricky as her bottom is quite numb from the exercise its had.

So what did we learn?

This was an enjoyable experience for us both. It was a play I had in mind for a while and part of me worried that gem wouldn’t be so keen as music is more my thing, especially as this took around an hour and a half. There are differences in the types of music, instrumentals in particularly being good for providing a wave of different feelings. For me it was enjoyable to watch and listen. I know how much stimulation is being given as the control panel on the ElectraStim is very clear. I did enjoy the noises littlegem would make during the louder sequences, asking for more afterwards. Seeing how her bottom twitched to the music.

The most enjoyable experience as a whole came from listening to songs we both know and enjoy. Maybe because it relaxes gem, maybe because I feel more comfortable when she’s happily singing along. It was intended as an experiment but I imagine this is a type of play we would try again. I would certainly recommend using the splitter to hear the music out loud while using it in this way.

We are slowly working our way through all the mode settings on the AXIS, incredibly fun task to do. This was one of the most uniquely enjoyable play scenes we have done. Having the music play through me is just incredible and I think having the full effect of hearing the music at the same time as feeling it really heightened the pleasure. Most of the songs that PS picked I know, but the AXIS still surprised me. How it works with the music is not in a predictable pattern, it didn’t just get a stronger electric fizzing the louder the music got. It’s more complex and therefore more delicious.

At the moment I am in the middle of PS denying me orgasms for a month, so I wasn’t allowed to come. But I think with the order in which PS choose the tracks, working from softer to more heavier metal, if there was an orgasm permitted at the peak of chorus it would be incredibly strong. Muscles clenching from the electric waves, crackling through your body and buzzing into your intimate areas. This all working together to pushing an orgasm over the edge. Yes please.

We’ll see, but not yet.

If you’re interested in the ElectraStim AXIS check it out here. We don’t earn any commission, we just write about their product as we love them.

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20 Replies to “Full Metal Racket: ElectraStim Play

  1. Nice post, and nice playlist too! Electro isn’t something which has really shown up on our radar yet, but I loved your approach to testing.

  2. Sounds fun! I’ve always been curious about estim play. Maybe we’ll give it a try.

  3. I am totally intrigued by electro play and there comes a day (probably when my husband is at least a bit better) that I will try it! I love this description and like the idea of music being used.

    Rebel xox

  4. This was so interesting. I saw this at Eroticon too and it looked like there was some fun potential… and looks like you guys are making the most of it!

  5. Fabulous piece… I was intrigued by the electrostim kit at Eroticon, but we have some older pieces so, being frugal I thought I was ok… but this sounds like such fun! Knowing my beloved, he would wire the pads to an alarm function to get me up in the morning! And I love your play list 🙂

    1. To an alarm that sounds deliciously evil. Thank you, yes it wasn’t the cheapest scene we’ve ever done but hopefully will get lots of play from it. ☺

    1. Almost? ? Put on your favourite music and have it on low and you’ll gently feel the music. I can see why it would be a hard limit though.

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