The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden- littlegem nude next to a gate in a woods, she looks as if she is going to open it

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

It is prompt week for Sinful Sunday, the prompt being soft focus. I really wish we could have gotten the affect from using glass or material but those just didn’t work out for us. Instead we had to get the affect by adjusting the clarity. What it did mean though was we could use a photo that I didn’t really like and make it into something nice. I did think the mysterious gate at the back of the woods looked like the entrance to a secret garden.

This photo was taken last weekend when me and PurpleSole had some time to ourselves. After having some rope fun on the beach we walked through a woods to try and get take some inspiration and interesting photos. By the time we took this one it was fairly late at night so the light had started to go. We were deep in a woods meaning the photo came out looking a bit dull. Using a few tools to brightened it up and then adjusting the clarity down to get the soft focus. I think helps to hide the imperfections in the original image. Transforming it into something I really quite like.

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Sinful Sunday
Gate will be our 9th Scavenger Hunt location, the entrance to our secret garden. Have a look at our other finds.
Scavenger Hunt Silver

48 Replies to “The Secret Garden

  1. I absolutely love this image. I don’t know what the original was like, but this edit captures a Victorian noir atmosphere that is captivating!

  2. I really like your choice of photo! Very nice! I am new to posting, been lurking a while kinda afraid to post. Going to try posting a pic this week! eek! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is beautiful as always. I find you two so charming in the way you make time for creating these magical and idyllic — and yet very human — images. I think it’s the camaraderie and fun I imagine (and read about) behind the scenes that really makes them glow.

  4. This is absolutely magical and you should totally submit it to Kayla’s Masturbation Monday as a prompt because it is crying out for some stories to written about it


  5. I love this so much, a beautiful location and wonderful image.
    you guys seem to be able to find the most amazing locations and poses that fit the occasion, with or without filters and apps. xxx

  6. I agree with Molly… I really want to hear these stories. You look so beautiful, like a fairy made human, waiting to enter the world.

  7. Beautiful ethereal and magical image, what a wonderful location to capture, definitely have site envy! I agree with others in that this would make a wonderful story prompt.

  8. I really love this! I think it should be a prompt for something, because there is definitely a story waiting to be told! You’ve come up with a great title.

    1. I have submitted it for a Masturbation Monday prompt as everyone seems to have the same idea lol. You will have to wait and see if it comes up one week!

  9. I love the edit on this. It feels so sensual and magical. You are taking some amazing pictures at the moment 🙂

  10. I love the atmosphere you’ve created here. The framing and subject is spot on even if you felt you had to adjust it lots I think it’s a beautiful photograph.
    Missy x

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