Dome- A close up of littlegem with her top off exposing her breasts infront of an anti-aircraft dome

What would you do if you saw a sign for a dome?

PurpleSole followed the road signs until we were parked outside this rather large concrete dome. My first thought was ‘What is that?’. PS first thought was that he wanted me in front of it exposing my breasts.

First of all we walked around the various information boards trying to find out what the monument actually did. Turns out it is an anti aircraft dome and we were actually standing in an old active airfield used by the RAF in World War 2 and The Cold War (now a historical monument and education centre). Sadly the dome wasn’t actually open so we couldn’t go inside and play with the guns and projectors.

Dome- littlegem standing with her top off infront of an anti-aircraft dome

But it did mean there weren’t a huge amount of people around. So I whipped off my top and bra, trying to get my hair to cooperate in the wind. PS took some photos but we weren’t overly sure that we would use them for. We just thought the dome looked interesting!

You can just see in the corner of the photo above, one of the benches. As well as facts about RAF life in the area it also had a board game on top. I rather wanted a photo on top of it but as it was fibre glass covered PS decided it was a bad idea.

I would like to add the anti aircraft dome to historical places for our Scavenger Hunt, click to see our other locations.

We are having so much fun doing the hunt and finding more locations than I thought we would. This is now our 8th. Have some fun of your own by taking part.

Scavenger Hunt Silver

As it’s Friday, I thought this photo would also be appropriate for Friday Boobday. Click to see some more wonderful boobs.



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